Best Baby Strollers 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to our complete guide that covers best baby strollers with reviews of best models in 2017 . One of the items that will make company to mothers – and fathers – for a long while during the first years of parenthood is the baby strollers. For convenience both for parents and babies, baby strollers are the best friends of tired arms, sleepless nights and a cozier seat for babies to wander outdoors. These days the industry offers a lot of baby stroller models that can last for a long while, offering safety and comfort not only for one baby, but for a whole pack of your progeny, if you plan or is up to plan more than one kid.

I have been there before and it was not that easy for me to pick the best baby stroller for 2017 as mothers tend to look for the best for their kids, specially if you are a first-time mother. So I will share with you my knowledge choosing a great baby stroller model among the options we have currently in the industry. I compiled a list with reviews for a what I consider the best ones right now in the market, the best models overall, but you can also check my list for other specific baby strollers models following this guide. Let’s get started with the reviews, and later, catch up my guide at the bottom of the guide to know further how to select the best baby stroller with some tips I did specially for parents that are still crawling through parenthood.

Best Baby Strollers With Reviews 2017

BOB Motion Travel System

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If you want something powerful for your baby, very safe, made of high quality materials and with a design that can endure some two generations of brothers and sisters in the family, BOB’s Motion is really one of the best options you have to get a fancy, sturdy baby stroller for the best baby in the world. BOB does very careful, meticulous and strong baby strollers, their motto is to design products that can offer the best on safety and comfort, so the investment on this one is a large one as it is a fancy, expensive model. Surely the model pays back, specially because it is a set including a car seat, like many other models you will see on our list.

As it is a sturdy model, it won’t be that much of a lightweight, but it is not either something you would have to struggle. The BOB Motion weighs 23lbs, while the car seat is 15lbs. This kind of pack with two seats is developed to make the transportation of the baby easier, so you don’t have to unlock the baby from the car and then place it to the stroll. Just keep the baby in the car seat and connect it to the stroll when you are ready to take a ride with the baby.To ensure the connection is safe, this kind of system has a click mechanism that ensures the car seat will be safely connected to the baby stroller through four different locks. When you hear the click you know it is already docked in the baby stroller and ready to go safely.

The car seat has a set of tangle-free five point harness. Both the seat and the baby stroller are made with a side impact protection barrier that is an energy-absorbing foam liner that will work distributing crash forces. Not only the seating cells of this set are sturdy and resistant. The wheels are made of a high impact polymer composite, and you are getting pneumatic tires not silly plastic wheels or something like that. This will ensure that you really have something enduring and resistant throughout the years.

When you don’t need anymore the baby stroller, you can fold it using one hand and store it either standing against something or lying on your car’s trunk. Even when standing up, the BOB Motion has a lock system that will keep the wheels steady. The metallic parts of the BOB Motion are all made on light aluminum alloy, which makes it resistant as well but trying to do not end so heavy for your hands. Summing up, this is the fortress you will surely enjoy if you want something outstanding to protect your baby.

For those who want a complete pack for transportation of the baby, Britax is a renowned reference as they have several sets of baby strolls with anything you may think included on their designs. This Britax set includes the baby stroller B-Agile 35, a lightweight stroller that is completely developed for convenience: you can fold it using only one hand, a protection barrier with 2 layers of side impact protection so you don’t have to feel like driving on land mines and a three-wheeled set, with front set double-wheeled and with a swivel system to guarantee more safety and stability for the baby stroller and ease on navigating with the stroll around.

Altogether with the baby stroller, Britax includes the B-Safe car seat. It is designed to fit the baby stroller so you don’t have to bother moving the baby from the car to the baby stroller and vice-versa. Make your routine faster just grouping one thing onto another.

The B-safe seat has a Click and Go system compatible with the baby stroll. You just have to place it over the stroll and match the safety locks. With a click you know the car seat is safely placed over the stroll and ready to go.

The B-Safe also has the double barrier of impact system to ensure it provides a protection cell for your baby when you are inside the car. The seat belts of the car seat have a no-rethread 5-point harness system, so it will really keep the baby steady on all sides. As the baby grows, it becomes more easy also to adjust the size.

This Britax set is available on 4 different colors: blue, yellow, black and the camouflage texture. This is one of the biggest investments you can do. Britax is known for high quality designs, is the kind of travel system for you baby that will endure enough time for a sibling on the future. A sure shot!

Aire3 Click Connect Travel System

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If you have already checked some baby strolls around, you surely noticed that Graco is a name that pops up quite often. In fact, they have several releases in the market, they are quite famous for their designs because they can make many different versions of a same concept to fit not only different needs, from the most extreme to the most basic, but also different budgets. The model I selected here and which is one of the best rated and most popular for sure is the Aire3. The Aire line has other releases but this is their ultimate solution, a quite sturdy and complete set like the Britax model we have just seen.

This is likewise a pack where you have the baby stroller and the car seat, and both work together. For the baby stroller, it has a very dynamic design, you can as well fold it with only one hand pulling the central strap, it gets closed in one second.After properly packed, there is a carrying strap to make the ease of transportation complete.Another thing that is great about the closing system of this baby stroller is the wheel systems.

When folded, they are automatically locked, so it can stand on its own with no need to store it in some corner where the wheels can be tamed against a wall. Important to mention that this is also a three-wheeled system, which makes it much easier to ride the baby stroller as there is only one set of front wheels that is doubled-wheeled, so while you have only one front set, it is not fragile since you get two standing bases that spin synchronized by a main swivel.

The baby stroller seat is reclinable with multi positions for your baby, and the canopy follows, as it includes an extra zippered panel for you to cover more areas depending on the weather conditions or how much backed is the seat reclined. You can also always take a look at your baby through the peek-a-boo window over the canopy.

And it is not over: included in the stroll, a zippered storage, so you can throw any hand accessories that would bother you while you are riding the baby stroller, the seat has a three or five-point harness, you can change it according to the size of your baby, ideal for growing and, of course, the car seat: the SnugRide.

It has a similar click connect system like the Britax, so you can just hand the car seat over the stroll and connect it safely, with no need to move the baby from one seat to another. Another baby stroller set that is quite unlike to be missing something, all scenarios possible are covered here.

Zoe XL1 Umbrella Stroller System

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Zoe is another baby stroller top seller brand, and this model particularly sells a lot apart from also being highly rated. If you want a good middle ground between budget and convenience, the XL1 is a good shot as it is not much expensive, doesn’t include the seat car, something many parents don’t mind and don’t need, and it still is a high quality baby stroller with many features.

First of all, this is the lightest baby stroller of our list. It weighs only 9lbs, compared to the 21lb of the previous model or 23lbs of the Britax. The explanation is the fact the materials here are much lighter and there is less padded interior walls. On the other hand, this baby stroller has two sets of front wheels. Like our previous models, is another one-hand folded stroll. You can easily shut it and carry on one hand holding the carrying strap.

You will not be giving up a lot with this stroll despite its compact design. There are still a lot of features for the baby’s comfort and safety, as well as for your convenience. The set includes cup holders for both parents and the baby, a large storage basket and a storage pocket. The canopy and the seat of this stroll are also reclinable and adjustable, working on synchrony. You can recline the seat up to 135 degrees and the canopy will proportionally cover it

For last, the XL1 includes a padded front belly bar. You can set it to the baby stroller optionally and remove it whenever is opportune. Is important to note that not all baby stroller include this kind of extra barrier, that works mostly as a comfort for the baby’s arm. On the other hand, all them include the set of harness belts which is the essential to keep the baby safe and inside the baby stroll. The XLI includes a 5-point harness, enough to really keep your baby steady and safe.

You can as well make use of the XL1 for a long while and for many babies. This system of harness belts can be adjusted for 3 points, and the stroll was tested to a capacity up to 50lb.

Oh, and for last, something really cool about Zoe is the fact they pay you back in case you don’t like the baby stroller for whatever reason. The wheels have a lifetime warranty to be replaced by free. And you can get it on seven different colors!

Graco Breaze Click Connect™ Stroller

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The second Graco of our list is the Breaze 2015 model. It is not exactly a budget baby stroller, but is not either expensive, specially compared to the Graco Aire3. However, this is an option for those who just want a baby stroller and not the car seat included, which lower the prices almost 50%. The Breaze also has its fundamental differences, starting by the wheel system that is four-wheeled: there are two single front wheels and two-doubled rear wheels.

This is also an alternative for those who feel more safe with wheels on every end of the baby stroller, even though that doesn’t make logical sense, believe me, three-wheeled systems are the best actually, but here you have an option. More is better for many people when it comes to safety and you have that option for sure.

The seat of the baby stroller here is also a multi-position one with a canopy large enough to follow its reclining angles. Also, the canopy – and its peek-a-boo little windows – have a UV protection level 50. This is really not common among baby strollers, is the only one on our list that includes this feature and is a great plus.

Your baby will be safe there also when it comes to positioning, as it includes a 5-point harness belt. For last, it is surely an easy one-hand folding stroll, with locks on the front wheels, so you can let it sit standing up and it won’t slide and fall to the ground. Other features includes cup holders for the parent and the baby as well as a large storage basket at the bottom of the stroll.

Is important to note that the Breaze baby stroller is not an inferior model, it actually has the same quality standard of most models of our list, but it doesn’t include the car seat. However, it is designed to fit the click and connect system of most Graco car seats, so is optional to you to purchase it separately or not later.

Summer Infant 3D Zyre Stroller

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Summer Infant is another brand that is a top seller when it comes to baby strolls. This model particularly is one of the most sold baby strolls on many web stores, just losing to another Summer Infan’ts, the 3DLite – and I’ll tell you later about why. One of the reasons it is a top seller, for sure, is its great cost benefit, as it is a quite affordable baby stroller, once again, not including the car seat. And if you like four wheeled systems, you have one more option to ride around feeling safe. Different than the Graco model though, here you get double-wheeled sets both for front and rear wheels.

The baby seat is a bit more comfortable than most models with its 5-point harness belt, because it includes a protective, padded layer of foam and fabric over the harness points.Well, I’m not the baby and I surely don’t remember my experience as a baby in a 5-point harness car seat, but from experience seeing my own baby, the more exposed the harness belt tires are, the less comfy the baby feels.

This is an option for kids that are way too stirred up to get wrapped against the seat with and will end up getting hurt if the harness doesn’t provide a softer touch.

The canopy here is the great water shed that makes, for me, this model better than the 3DLite I talked before, which is the higher seller of the brand. The thing is, 3DLite has a really poor canopy, it doesn’t follow the range or reclination of the baby stroller, is shorter than most models actually, and is probably just largely sold because it is one the best cheap models you can get.

Well, for just a couple more of dollars you can get the 3D Zyre, which has an amazing reclinable canopy. I really love this canopy, has an amazing design of reclining, and is quite protective.

This baby stroller has the largest storage basket, is where you can really throw your belongings fast and get on the go. Just don’t overboard here. This baby stroller is another lightweight of our list, only 13 lbs and it also has an easy one-hand fold system with a lock mechanism to ensure you can keep it steady standing up by itself.

Bottom Line: What Exactly is a Baby Stroller? What is the difference from a pram, pushchair, buggy, travel system?

Is a lot of different names and, oops, they mean a lot of different things. In this case the industry didn’t make up a lot of different fancy names of the same thing. Basically, a baby stroller is a chair on wheels that can be reclined to some extent, but not fully flat. It is designed to keep your baby sitting and is better for grown up babies that can already sit. Pushchairs on the other hand, are a middle ground between sitting babies and newborns, as you can recline it flat to a 180º and keep your baby laying. Prams on the other hand are designed only for newborns that can’t sit yet, is a just a flat baby crib on wheels. For last, the travel systems are the complete sets you have seen for some models on my list, the sets that include the baby stroller and a car seat compatible to the stroller.

To Stroll or Not to Stroll: What are the Benefits of a Best Baby Stroller?

They are often more popular than the other types of chairs because they are more useful, simply put. By the descriptions you have seen above, you know that many of these types will become obsolete and useless while your baby is growing up. Baby strollers are versatile, while not all models are designed for toddlers, they are the only type that provide models where you are able to transport 2 to 3 years old babies, so you can purchase a sturdy model for when your baby is big enough to sit and keep using it until it is big enough to start walking his first steps firmly, when you happily will not need to push them around anymore.

Tips to Purchase the Best Baby Stroll: What to Look for on the Best Baby Strollers?

If you are a first-time mother or father, and you are a bit clueless about many of the features you have seen on my reviews, I’m going to guide you through a fast tutorial on what must be considered when purchasing a baby stroll. I won’t hold you for longer here I promise, let’s make it quick:

Tip 1: Weight

Baby strolls are designed to be pushed and they are going to include your baby on it. There is a calculation here you must do to know how much you will be pushing. I always recommend to know yourself well, how much you endure, because “purchase always the lightweight model” is not really a useful tip when it comes to another factor you must consider: your baby. The lighter a baby stroller is, the smaller its weight capacity, so you will have limitations for toddlers. as they are way much heavier than babies. You must look for a middle ground, as usual, but don’t expect a 9lbs baby stroller for a 3-year old toddler. You will have to endure a 21lbs baby stroller. If you are nursing a sweet newborn baby right now you can take a look on my list of the best lightweight strollers as you can get some great models with a much lower cost.

Tip 2: Canopy

As you have seen on the 3DZyre review, sometimes a canopy is what makes a baby stroller from a great design to a disappointing product. I consider the protection against sunrays something really imperative. Even though is always crucial to apply sunblock or sunscreen to your kids, children younger than 6 months should not make use of such products as their skins are too sensible yet for chemicals – you can read more about protecting your baby against the sun here. If you have a young baby there with you the best protection is covering it up, and you will really enjoy a generous canopy. Baby strolls that offer only a cover for the face are really out of question, you need to cover your whole baby, including legs. Good canopies are also important to simply keep the baby comfortable against the heat.

Tip 3: Wheels

I’ll be quite objective here: Logically speaking, three-wheeled systems are the best, because when you are riding your baby stroller, specially on rough terrains, four-wheeled sets become a burden. What happens is, the front wheels will not synch to turn a left or a right together, they work totally random. This is not much different than riding a supermarket cart over a series of several jagged speed bumps: the front wheels go nuts and the ride becomes a burden during those short annoying seconds over the bumps. So here is a matter of what kind of terrains are you going to ride the baby stroller over. If you are really sure to keep yourself only on paved and smooth terrains, you can stick to 4 wheeled systems for sure. If you want to ensure the ride will be smooth wherever you are, stick to the three-wheeled system as the front wheels will work in synchrony. There is further information on the advantages of the three-wheeled baby strollers and, is also important to note that the design of the wheels is another water shed to choose a baby strollers. Pneumatic tires are always better. They are strong, endure a lot, provide smooth rides and can be replaced easily – though will surely cost more to be replaced.


That was a long but quite complete ride. I hope you got all you needed to know to pick up the best baby stroller for your baby. Don’t hesitate to check my other guides on baby strollers here, once again, my list for best lightweight strollers and also my list with the best jogging strollers.

Always remember that baby strollers can be products that endure several years in the family and can be shared between siblings. Investing on a good model is a guarantee that you will not have to spend more money for future members of the family.

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