Best Bedding Sets 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

To get the best bedding sets is not a very difficult task if you consider the north guide here is your own taste for what you are looking for on bedding pieces. The best product will offer you all you need with the concept you desire the most, and the only tricky parts of the purchase is consider the materials and what matches better your needs: comfort, style, breathability, durability, and so on.

Considering beddings are mostly very standard pieces when it comes to shape, the focus on colours, textures and finishing get a lot of focus and there are many, many different options in the market to please everyone. We selected here though some of the best bedding sets considering versatility of outlook and high quality, so you can choose from different sets that will offer the most options to match anything else in your bedroom.

Best Bedding Sets with Reviews in 2017

EL&ES Bedding Collections 1000 Thread Count Bedspread – Best Seller

The 1000 Thread bedding by EL&ES is made of 100% cotton threads that includes a rich sateen weave. The result is a fabric with smooth, luxurious touch as well as a beautiful finishing. The entangling of the threads also provides for this EL&ES bedding an excellent durability.

The Sateen fabric weave is crafted with extra long staple (ELS) cotton, that includes the properties of Egyptian cotton, grown and harvested in the tropical  Asia. This threading features strength and softness to the fabric that will last for a long while even under the necessary washing cycles to keep it clean with the years. Also, the sheets here feature a much lighter material with an excellent breathability for even more comfort during the sleep.

You can wash the bedding in the washing machine in cold washing mode. Tumble it dry on low and do not bleach.The set includes one flat sheet with the measures 108 inches by 102 inches, one fitted Sheet 78 inches by 80 inches wide and a 15 inches pocket including two pillow cases 20 inches by 40 inches. This is for the King set, but you can also find it in the queen and California king sizes and in several different colors available.

Comfy Bedding Jigsaw Quilted 3-piece Bedspread Coverlet Set

The Comfy Bedding set is featured on 4 different sizes, for Full or Queen size in the same set, and for King or California King in an alternative set. The set includes a coverlet 90 inches wide and 102 inches long, accompanied by 2 pillowcases 20 inches by 26 inches.

Different from the 1000 Threads bedding set though, this set is made of a simple microfibre polyester fabric that makes it quite comfortable to the touch, with a plush finish. The filling of the bedding however is made of 100% cotton material. Something else different but definitely a plus is the delicate quilting details that just add to the touch and the beauty of the set.

Comfy Bedding invests here in a more sober and modernist touch with the available options of colours, all in neutral hues, including black and several different mattes of grey, white and beige colours.

Note that this is one of many different themes Comfy Bedding provided for their bedding sets. You can find different concepts with varied quilting design and colours and other sizes, all featuring the same formula of materials and fabrics.

Geneva Home Fashion 7-Piece Ella Pinch Pleat Comforter Set

The Home Fashion bedding set is a modern, elegant alternative developed by Geneva Home. It is sold by the company as an overfilled and oversized bedding set, since it features different options of textures in the same product. The pintuck finish offers comfort and sophistication with the outer fabric made of 100% polyester microfiber, totally hypoallergenic and machine washable.
The different decor alternatives work like this: you can easily switch up the look as there are different patterns in the inner and outer parts of the covers. Turning over the pillowcases also reveals a different look. As a 7-piece set, this includes a comforter, two shams, one bed skirt and three decorative pillows.

So, you can also play with the different pattern alternatives for different parts of the set, making different matches with many different possibilities – and if you purchase more than one set, with different color variations, the possibilities increase even more.

The comforter of the set is an overstuffed piece made with soft woven fabrics and plush accents to provide you a very comfortable, smooth feeling added with luxury on the pintuck finish of the comforter. Since the polyester microfiber fabric in this comforter set is hypoallergenic, it is not only more apt to be used by anyone as well as the materials make it easy to clean. You can machine wash it on cold water mode and let it sun dry or tumble dry.

This set also offers more color options, even though it still features more neutral colors. You can get the Geneva Home Fashion both on King and Queen sizes.

Regal Comfort The Woods Bio Hazard Camouflage Bedding Set

Very different from the bedding sets we have seen so far, this Regal Comfort idea is much more varied and, we could say, fun. There are many different color options of a same in-the-woods theme that will please people looking for a decor set more vivid and specific for their bedrooms. The whole set includes 8 pieces comprised of one flat solid color sheet, one camouflage fitted sheet, four pillowcases, while two of them are solid color and the other two feature the camouflage. To finish the set, a camouflage comforter and a camouflage bed skirt.

The outer material is all made on 100% microfiber that feels like Egyptian cotton. The result also is a lightweight and breathable fabric, even though it is filled with faux down, it weights only 4 lb.
Regal Comfort also sells it as a set with fully elasticized fitted sheet with deep pockets, perfect for mattress depths of 16 inches.

Also different from the other bedding sets, the colors on this one are quite vivid and varied. You can opt between electric green and blue hues, different pink variations, a livid purple or orange. There are also more neutral, or demure options, a black, or muddy sober brown. You can wash the whole set at ease on the washing machine on cold water mode and let it dry whatever way.

The fabrics are made with a innovative technology that do not release dyes in the water and makes the process of fading under the sun or light much longer.The entangling of the threads also do not make necessary for the set pieces to be ironed as they remain smooth.

Chezmoi Collection Naomi 7-Piece Navy Orange Paisley Floral Embroidery Comforter Bedding Set

The last model of our best bedding sets is the Naomi 7-Piece developed by Chezmoi Collection. In comparison with the other models, this has a more strict offer when it comes to aesthetic concept. The Naomi has a singular embroidered floral design on an Asia tropical set of colors, even though the brand offers other visual options for a bedding set with other models, this one is strict to orange, blue and silver grey hues.

The Naomi can be purchased either as California King, King, Queen or Full, the price variation is quite small between the different products. The set includes one plushy comforter, two shams, one bed skirt, 2 cushions and 1 breakfast cushion.The outer fabric of the whole set is made on 100% polyester, which is also responsible for the silk outlook of the grey hue. The filling is made of cotton. Like the previous models, this is much easier to handle and care because of the polyester, as you can wash it with no worries on the washing machine on cold water mode and let it dry under the sun or tumble dry.

What does the best bedding sets feature?

The greatest bedding sets often include more than a standard package of comforter and sheets, they provide a particular concept of bedding that can include different pillow and cushion cases and, most of the times as well, bed skirts. Bedding sets are designed to woks as a whole concept, but the best ones have clever solutions that turn them into universal items, able to match any decor set in your bedroom. That often happens with minimalist finishing, neutral colors and modernist designs that can work well even if with the more classic aesthetics because they are not intrusive. This is also a matter of cost-benefit: an investment that pays many different usage scenarios.

What are the benefits of purchasing a bedding set?

Anyone who performed a market research on bedding items knows that the biggest let down on purchasing items separately is the final price. Bedding sets offer everything you need to make your bed and often they will even include optional complementary pieces like curtains sets, rug sets and what not. If you research the optional pieces of the bedding sets we listed here, they will together total a higher price that what you can get with the complete set.

This is both a strategy of companies to sell more of their products but is also a benefit considering these pieces are designed with versatility in mind. Manufacturers know that you praise a flexible decor set and you would like to play with what is displayed without a stuffed wardrobe with dozens of different bedding pieces.

What the best bedding sets must not miss?

Is very important for a bedding set to include a bit of everything and, most importantly, do not offer only a bit of high quality for one and another piece and the rest with second hand materials. Often comforters are the big deal on these sets, with cushioned fillings that include high quality soft materials, from cotton to goose down, but you must pay attention to the outers and one fabric only pieces like sheets.

Cotton is always preferable as it is natural, breathable and more comfortable to the touch. Synthetic alternatives like microfibers can be even better when it comes to the touch, as they can be manufactured with plushy textures and are more resistant to be washed, but they are less comfortable when it comes to sleep and let your skin transpire. Polyester is after all a type of plastic and it does not really match as a fabric for your skin to rest on during the night, so sheets and pillow cases on these materials are often not the best – even though they can look beautiful.

Also, note that the best bedding sets easily stand out from others by the price because the best material when it comes to comfort and durability are also the superior materials, and they will always cost more.

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