Best Blenders for Smoothies 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to our in depth guide of best blenders for smoothies with reviews of top models for 2017.Blenders these days are not anymore one-function-only machines, at all, as people don’t really appreciate a lot of different appliances for similar functions when they can have it all into one single product. However, if you are one of those people who will only use a blender for occasional juices and smoothies, you know you don’t want to spend almost a thousand dollars just for the sake of simple juices.

While it is not that easy to find, there are several great blenders for smoothies in the market and I decided to make a compilation here for you with what I believe is the ultimate list of best blender for smoothies that really worth your money.

Just for the record before we start to check the list, I have reviewed NutriBullet blender before, so I’ll not include it here again, even though it is also a great model to prepare smoothies and probably the most popular for that matter. But it would be redundant to pick it again so I gave room to something else. Likewise, you will see models that are not very well known of the public but should really deserve better attention as they are excellent options, specially considering cost-benefit. Let’s get to it quick then and, if you are a newbie for blenders, don’t miss the quick purchase guide included after the reviews as it will really help you to find the best blender for smoothies.

Best Blender for Smoothies 2017

Margaritaville Fiji Premium Frozen Concoction Maker – Great for Cocktails

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If you are planning on sticking to a smoothie blender, you don’t really have to just get the basic. Fiji is a little marvel of an appliance to have in your kitchen as it is a complete drink machine, designed to prepare cocktails, including the ice-shaving that is all automated by the machine. As you don’t need to use it specially to prepare margaritas, the ice container of Fiji is an excellent addition to make your smoothies even better for the hot seasons. Just drop ice cubes in the ice reservoir, the ingredients of the smoothie you are going to prepare in the glass jar and start the process.

This machine has a set of 4 different recipes presetted and 8 total functions. Apart from the drink recipes (daiquiris, margaritas, slides and smoothies), you also have the option to shave the ice altogether the drink option you selected, or you can either only blend your smoothie with no ice shaved, or just shave ice, an excellent addition to prepare ice shaves so you can add to anything you want regardless of the drink you are going to prepare.

For last, there is an option to select the amount of drinks you intend to prepare at once, from 1 to 3, as this will determine how much ice should be added to the blend.Fiji has a 36-ounce jar, which is enough for 4 American cups, 2 big mugs of smoothies or 3 cocktails glasses, and the motor of the blender couldn’t be little thing as it is an ice-shaver: 1.3 horsepower.

This machine is not at all your most affordable blender for smoothies, but it is a particular success highly rated by buyers as it really pays for all its functions and convenience, not to mention its beautiful design.

Beware though that you may find this model for very floaty prices, some retailers have quite salty offers but you can easily get it for for a quite decent price.

KitchenAid Torrent KSB5010SR Torrent Blender – High Quality with reasonable price

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The brand that is famous for crafting great coffee machines brings you an equally great blender for smoothies, actually one of the best, if not the best, blender for smoothies in the market. The KitchenAid Torrent is a refined blender that will prepare your smoothies into a very practical 60-ounces glass jar.

Like the Margaritaville’s Fiji, you can prepare more than just smoothies with it, but instead of focusing only on drinks, KitchenAid delivers a machine where you can prepare most soft liquid recipes, and they are all preadjusted as well so you don’t have to handle the machine more than some seconds as you set it all to hit Start and just come back when it is over, as these options also include a timing and an automatic shut off.

Ice Drinks/Smoothies, Juice, Soups/Sauces and Milkshakes are the presented options of recipes you can easily prepare with this blender and, alternatively, you can use the adjustable speed mode, as you hit the Start button and keeps adjusting the speed, higher or lower as you please and while the machine is working. Even though, the free adjusting mode won’t shut off automatically.

Another great differential of this blender for smoothies is the safety design, something KitchenAid brought from their experience crafting coffee machines. Is the magnetic drive system, MagnaLock, a lock mechanism that keeps the jar quite firm over the blender, so you can really let it work alone while you do something else in the kitchen.

Best of all, the machine has a quite safe food feed mechanism, so you can drop the ingredients by a safe distance avoiding splashing the mixture out of the jar.Torrent is a stronger, 1;8 horsepower, so you are supposed to get your smoothies faster.

KitchenAid released this blender with three different finishes: black, red and chrome, even though the design of cup is always the same for all versions.

Skinnygirl Personal Extraction Blender Set – Stylish and easy to use

As soon as you check the design of Skinnygirl you will know it is a counterpart of NutriBullet, but even though the brand is not as widely known and praised as its famous opponent, Skinnygirl is actually popular for being a well reviewed and underrated brand of kitchen appliances. Their blender for smoothies is no exception, a great product that is little known, so let me tell you about it as it is one of the best options you surely can get as a blender for smoothies.

Similarly as the NutriBullet blender, the Skinnygirl blender is designed for smoothies and soft preparations, on the other hand it is much more affordable and, the best of all, more powerfull. Its motor is 1 horsepower strong, around 20% stronger than Nutribullet, and you will get it working as great and fast to have a smoothie in no time.

Also, this is likewise a kit, so you get the blender machine, two cups (24-oz and 12-oz respectively each) with their respective lids for blending (including sets of 4 and 2 blades) and an additional pair of 2 storing lids for transportation with washable drinking straws included.

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You can get Skinnygirls’ blender for smoothies either on black, white or red finish.

Chef’s Star Nutri Extractor – Great for ice

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Another counterpart to Nutribullet, with many benefits that famous brand can’t offer, Nutri Extractor is a very simplistic name for this great Chef’s Star blender for smoothies that mimics the famous NutriBullet. On the other hand, this another case where competition comes to win. Chef’s Star has a powerful 1.3 horsepower motor, 40% more potent than the prestigious opponent. This makes Nutri Extractor a quite versatile and superior blender for smoothies as potent as it is, it can also shave ice, something most of these compact nutrient extractor blenders can’t do without risk of damaging blades and motor.

Once again this is a set, not only the blender and cup, so you get several different parts here: apart from the blender machine, there are two cups (12 oz and 20 oz respectively), one universal handle attachable for both cups, a storage lid and a spill-proof drinking lid, and two blade lids, one with 6 blades and the other with two blades. Additionally, you get a manual with recipes.

This blender is highly rated by customers and, most importantly, offers a lot of quality and power for a much more affordable price.

Ninja Nutri Auto-iQ BL482Z – Quick and easy single serve model

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Ninja is another prestigious brand I have reviewed before, even though this blender for smoothies is another replica of the nutrients extractor of NutriBullet, something of an exception for Ninja since they often produce robust traditional blenders. All in all, Auto-iQ is far from a limited blender, it is just oriented for softer drinks and is one of the top rated blenders online.Their nutrient extractor comes with a not-at-all-modest motor: 1.3 horsepower, another ice shaver, as well as you can blend seeds and harder ingredients like carrots. You also get a set of different preadjusted speeds: while it is not a wide array of speeds, you can either blend or make use of the ultra blend speed for hardened ingredients crushing.

The machine also has a pulse function.Not only the speeds are preadjusted but also the time of operation of each program, so you can easily set it to work and just let it make the processing and get finished, as it will automatically shut off. The operation time is displayed through a LCD display visor, so you can also know how long until it get finished.Auto-iQ comes with a quite generous set of cups. Two 24-oz cups and one 32-oz. This includes for each one of them drinking lids so you can use it both for storage and for consuming the beverage with no need to change containers or risk making a mess removing the lid.

This model is only available as a chrome finished blender.

Tribest Personal Blender PB-250XL-A – Cheap and easy to use

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From now on our list includes models that have quite affordable and accessible prices, and you will not have to have a wide budget to just get a top notch smoothie blender. This Tribest Personal Blender model, the PB, is quite popular, also a top rated product, and it has a very accessible price compared to all previous models. The PB-250XL-A is a also a set, and one of the most complete, which includes two 23 oz. quite tall cups, two 16-oz cups and two 8-oz cups. All them include their own store lids, while there are two universal blade lids, attachable to any of the cups. One of the blade lids has a set of 2 blades for grinding and other with 4 blades for blending.

As it is designed specifically for smoothies, the Tribest’s PB will not provide the fastest results as it has a 200 Watts motor. It is more than enough though to blend soft drinks and many customers even claim they can crush seeds (like flaxseed), grind coffee grounds and shave ice.Very few accessible blenders like this have such a popular status.

The Tribest PB is highly rated, even though it is available only with one white finish, it is a top seller, and you can find it as well with two different package variations that will make it even more accessible, the PB-250-A, which doesn’t include the two extra large cups, or the PB-250, which will include only the two small cups.

VonShef 4-in-1 Multifunctional Red 1L Smoothie Maker – Most Versatile One

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Another great appliance that comes complete for a wide array of drink sets, the VonShef 4-in-1 is a blender for smoothies with a light 220W motor. Different from most models we have seen that mimic the NutriBullet shape, the VonShef works quite versatile as you can blend on the bullet fashion or with a conventional blender jar, that’s because it includes a great set of attachments that will enhance the experience of blending. You can prepare grinding portions, of coffee for example, using either one of the two beakers, which include storing lids, or you can make use of the serving cups, both 16-oz large.

All these containers are compatible with the universal blade lids, while the 2-blades lid is more designed for grinding and the 4-blades for mixing, you can make use of any of them with any recipient.For last, the VonShef blender for smoothies includes a tall 34-oz jar where you can prepare juices for wide serving. It also includes a wand temper and a pulp filter so you can get very homogeneous beverages.

The wand is particularly good to increase pressure and make the blending more efficient and faster.Probably the only limitation of this model is the fact it doesn’t have several different speed preadjusted sets, so you can only work with one full speed and the pulse function. On the other hand, the machine has a auto shutoff mechanism when overheated, to prevent damages to the motor and the machine overall.

This VonShef set is another great option for smoothies, it is quite accessible and well rated, so you don’t have to waste a lot of money on equally well rated blenders that are designed for several different functionalities, when all you need is just a smoothie maker.

Ninja Master Prep QB900B – Cheapest Smoothie Blender

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The last smoothie maker of our list is another Ninja machine, one quite easy to use and the most dedicated for preparation of smoothies. While it is the most affordable of our list, it may be exactly the one you need for its simplicity and efficiency on what it is designed to do. The Master Prep works almost like a hand blender, as its blades come from a top axis into the bowl or jar. On the other hand, you safely attach it over the recipient you choose so you don’t really need to handle the machine during the blending.

This Ninja is actually the most powerful of the compact, affordable smoothie makers of this list, with a 450 Watts motor power, and a very versatile design. You can prepare not only smoothies and drinks alike, but setting the right set of blades you can turn it into a mixer or food processor. Ninja sells these complementary blades but you don’t have to purchase them. The standard model comes with the quad blade technology, a spiral swirling set of 6 blades that will really pulverize ingredients in a smooth and soft paste. The Master Prep is able to easily shave and crush ice.

With this blender for smoothies unit comes a 48-oz master prep pitcher and 16-ounce master prep bowl.Ninja sells this product also in a 400W version for those who are looking for lighter food processing, as well as there is a version with only the blender unit.

Purchasing your Blender for Smoothies: Juicy Tips

While these are my suggestions for what I – and most customers – consider the best models of blenders for smoothies, I’ll give you some tips to expand your horizons in case you want to go beyond and research even more options. These tips are important as they the core understanding on how blenders works and how they relate to what you intend to do with them.

  • Tip 1: What is a blender for smoothies? What is the difference from other types of blenders?

As I said in the beginning of this guide, these days is very rare to see machines doing one function only, but when it comes to blenders, you may often find blenders said to be designed for smoothies, or for juices, but the truth is that, rarely you will find a blender that is not designed for smoothies. As these are quite soft,pasteurized beverages made mostly of soft fruits, any decent blender can do the job, the only difference is that you don’t need to pay almost $1000 for a very decent, amazing blender, when all you want is smoothies. Blenders for smoothies are most likely those with a demure motor power, as they don’t need to deal with a big variety of food and hard food. Consequently, they will cost much less, so it is ideal for those who just need a blender for these occasional circumstances to stick with a blender like that.

  • Tip 2: What are the benefits of a good blender for smoothies?

First and, foremost, you will save money purchasing something that is ideal for blending soft ingredients. The health benefits of a good blender for smoothies however is not different than the benefits of blenders overall: they will crush food to the limit, so you have it opened up and can make a good use of all the possible nutrients the food has to offer. Smoothies also keep all the fibers of the fruit, for the most hardcore healthy people, you can even include fruits with the skin to get all the benefits of the food.For last, one great benefit you may have noticed already is the fact most of these blenders are great also to prepare other soft beverages, including icy drinks, so you can have a quite versatile and fun machine to cool off your summer.

  • Tip 3: What to look for on the best blenders for smoothies?

Since what we want here from the blender is smoothie’s capability, you don’t have really much guidelines to follow, but to stick with the best ratio between cost and power. Even if you just want to do smoothies, a great motor is always welcome. If you can get that great motor for a bargain, even better. You always have to consider what you are going to add to your smoothies as, while you will see many manufacturers claiming their models can grind coffee, crush ice and blend carrots, and they surely do, that doesn’t mean they will endure the task for longer, or will perform it faster. Traditional smoothies are made with soft fruits, mostly. The inclusion of seeds, hardened vegetables and ice is something else that makes them a particular case, and that particularity requires an equivalent power of performance.

Final Considerations on Best Smoothie Blenders

Some of the models we included in the list are in the market for several years, is the case of the Skinnygirl model, and they may be getting upgraded versions. Always keep the heads up about improvements in this kind of appliances, even though you can always consider models that are highly rated even if they were manufactured almost 10 years ago. When a good blender is really good, it endures many years.

All the models we listed here that include plastic cups or jar are BPA free. While there is still quite a controversy on the effects of the BPA on our health, for those who want to avoid taking the risk is a good move, but as you can check on the above reading, BPA presence goes beyond plastics.

I always recommend that you make use of glass, but this is not always an option for the pockets, but whenever you can, don’t hesitate, as glass is even easier to clean with efficiency, and more beautiful.

Hopefully I helped you here!

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