Best Epilator Reviews in the Market 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

For a long while already, epilators have been a great alternative to remove body hair with a more convenient scenario for women. You can do it at home, on the go, wherever and whenever you need, and these days different designs for these practical machines have been spreading like wildfire in the market, but abundance doesn’t mean quality.

When it comes to epilating, there is a lot of details that are important to provide an ideal hair removal performance, so is not that easy to get a good epilator as one same machine can work very differently for many different women. This guide will sum up the best epilator models based on all these factors that must be taken into account but, I will also guide you trough the ABC of epilating to discover if the machine reviewed is good for you or not.

If you are a novice in this universe of epilating, catch up with me for the last part of this guide too so you can know all the very important details of epilating, as well as to know if you will be able to endure this experience or not.

Best Epilators with Reviews for 2017

Braun Silk-épil 9 Series

This guide could be exclusively about Braun models. I have to confess that there are very few epilator models out there that can be compared to Braun’s outstanding designs. The German brand creates several of the best epilator and shaver models available these days, but I want to give you the benefit of doubt and show you a large variety of brands that are in the game among the best epilators. That is because not everybody fits with the Braun system, some skins, some women, will just rather stick to other brands, otherwise there would be no other successful epilators in the market. However, Braun has the best rated products around compared to other brands and is hard to trifle them.

While I’ll review here the Silk-épil 9 Series, I’ll let you know everything you need about the Silk-épil Series overall, which includes 3 of the best epilators these days. This series is really one of Braun’s gems, and the 9 series is their ultimate design, it really excels the previous models of the series, even though they are still better than many current machines developed by other brands.

First, I’ll talk about the 9 Series machine and two 9 Series kits that are quite popular: this is the same epilator model in two different products, respectively the 9-579 and the 9-941e kits. There are other 9 series kits with different variations of attachments but I decided to include only these two as they are the most popular and best selling. However, if you are on a budget, the best options for the 9 Series is the 9-521 kit as it includes only the epilator and a precision trimmer cap. Depending on the retailer it can cost up to 40% less than the other kits.

Silk-épil 9-579

This kit is an all-in-one package, it includes a lot of accessories like a shaver head and several different cap heads to work attached, either to the epilator head, or the shaver head: caps for trimming, for epilating on sensible zones and for face hair removal. As a plus, there is a high frequency massage cap and a cleaning massage brush.

Silk-épil 941e

This second kit is plus-exfoliating package, with two additional brushes that can be attached to the head of the machine to provide the before and aftercare of the skin. The blue brush is designed for the after care, to avoid ingrown hairs, while the pink brush is designed for delicate zones of the body. To be sincere, the two brushes look identical and Braun didn’t make clear what is the difference about them, ergonomically speaking. Perhaps for a matter of hygiene you have a brush for groins and armpits and the other for face and legs? Still a mystery though.

The Silk-épil 9 Epilator

After checking these kits, lets talk about what all they have in common: the Series 9 machine. Braun developed their most numerous tweezer set for this model. The Series 9 has 40 tweezers, against 32 of the Silk-épil 7. These tweezers by the way re not any kind of tweezers. They are micro precision designed, so they can grab and remove hairs from 0.5mm and above.
And the enhancements are not over for this model. The cap zone of the epilator head is 40% wider in the Series 9 version, so the epilating time is supposed to be much shorter than with most epilators with this same profile of tweezers.

The Silk-épil 9 is waterproof, which means you can epilate or shave under the shower with no problems. It works both corded or cordless, so if the battery runs out of charge, you can plug it to a power outlet and keep going on removing your body hair. Of course, is important to mention that it is not supposed to work corded under the shower for safety reasons. On battery, you can run the epilating or shaving for 40 minutes and the battery will be recharged within 1 hour.

The build of the Series 9 also has some exclusive features of Braun for their epilating machines. To smooth the removing of hair, the epilating head has a pulsating vibration mechanism, so your skin gets less sensible and you don’t feel so much pain.Likewise, either for epilating or shaving, the head of the machine will follow the curves of your body. The Series 9 has a pivoting head that softens the sliding of the machine over your skin, avoiding skin pinching when you are epilating or shaving curvy zones like armpits and groins.
And to make the process as efficient as possible, the epilator also comes with the smartlight feature, a LED light bulb to expose with accuracy all hair over your skin and do not let anything left behind. As complete as possible!

Other Silk-épil Series Models

Once again, if you are on a short budget is always a good idea to take a look on other models of this Braun series as they are all very popular and renowned for their quality but, of course, they have a more demure profile and some of these models can become discontinued by Braun in the future.

Series 7 : It is the closest to the Series 9, but has a smaller number of tweezers as well as a smaller gap zone.

Series 5 : This model has a less enduring battery. The operation time is up to 30 minutes

Series 3 : More oriented for precision hair removal, has a set of 20 tweezers and is not waterproof, works only corded

Philips Satin Series

Philips HP6576 Satin Perfect Deluxe Epilator

Philips is a brand that is quite famous for their electric shavers for men and women, but their epilators are not really behind it when it comes to quality and efficiency, they are slightly less known because is not too common to find Philips models that are multi function, i. e., that have shaving, massaging and other caps. However, the Satin Perfect does have all those features! This Satin model is, like the Braun’s Series 9 we have seen, the ultimate design of the a series developed by Philips: the Satin series. The HP6576 is the Satin Perfect. Philips also released some years ago the Satin Soft (HP6520) which is quite similar to the Satin Perfect but with a few less tweezers and a shorter operating time.

Satin Perfect has 40 tweezers and, different from most epilator brands, including Braun, the tweezers here are not made of metallic alloys, rather 100% hypoallergenic ceramic. The precision on removing hair is equally outstanding, grabbing hair 0.5mm long to ensure as much as possible no retouches. The main difference here from the Braun models is the steady, non-pivoting head that may be less comfortable for some people.

When it comes to autonomy, the operation time of the Satin Perfect has also a 40 minutes battery and, better than that, you can also use it either corded or cordless, so when the battery runs out of power, you can still plug it and keep going. On the other hand, this is not a waterproof epilator, so you can’t take it with you to the shower.
To enhance the experience you still have the additional cap heads for shaving and trimming and one extra accessory, a manual tweezer with a LED light bulb so you can finish any other hair you see that was not removed from delicate areas specially.

Philips HP6520 Satin Soft

The lesser version of the Satin series has an identical design and art, but it offers some limitations compared to the Satin Perfect and is considered mostly a precision epilator. It has 21 tweezers and its operating time is up to 30 minutes. While it has a rechargeable battery, the Satin Soft can only be used cordless, even though you will still be able to enjoy it as a wet and dry epilator. The kit for this one includes only a comb and a cleaning brush.

Emjoi AP-18 Emagine Dual

Emjoi is another darling of the epilators. You will often see this name around as they have very special machines. More than 90% of Emjoi production is oriented for women products, and some of their models, while discontinued, are still a must have and very coveted for many women. This Emjoi Emagine model is their ultimate design and also one of the most powerful in the industry. It has 72 tweezers, this is more than most brands can offer. What Emjoi does here is to offer a doubled head cap area to provide a faster epilating experience.
So, basically, the Emagine has two heads with 31 tweezers each. They rotate inwards, being excellent for delicate zones like armpits and groins where the curvy shape of the body can make the epilating more tricky. Like the Braun model, it has a pivoting head, which is referred by Emjoi as their Glide mechanism, so it will bend easily to your skin to follow your body patterns, avoiding skin pinching.

One exclusivity of Emagine tweezers head is their silver ions plated design. This is Emjois answer to anti-microbial technologies, sticking to a precious metal rather than other alternative methods.
Another interesting feature of this model is the “middle lifting fingers” system. Is not what you are thinking. Despite this unintentional jocular name, this is the lifting comb mechanism of this epilator. It will stretch tight hair so tweezers can grab it better. Epilators with hair lifting mechanism help a lot to enhance the precision of hair removal, but they won’t be that much helpful if you have quite small/young hair anyway, but you still can count on the micro precision tweezers as this machine also is able to remove hair 0.5mm long.

Probably the only let down of this epilator is the fact it works only corded. Most of Emjoi models are designed to do so like this, which doesn’t make it not able to be used for wet epilating. You can still use it with gel or foam and the heads are also washable under running tap water. This model is a bit heavier than most epilators, but women still find it ok and maneuverable, even for face hair removal.

BONUS: Emjoi Optima Epilator

This model was discontinued by Emjoi but is still sold around, sometimes there are rare new models, others there are refurbished or used items, the fact is I decided to include a short review of the Optima in this list because it is really one of their most coveted models.

Perhaps one of the reasons is how compact and easy to handle it is. Optima is quite small, has an oval shape and is quite easy to use for epilating any area of your body. It has 36 tweezers and also work with a double face cap. Unfortunately it is also a corded only model, but can still be used for wet sessions.

Panasonic ES-ED90-P

The famous Japanese brand has a lot of well known electric shavers, specially for men, but they don’t disappoint at all when it comes to epilators for women. Perhaps the only let down of this model is the fact it doesn’t have for real a name, nor a Series name to belong, so I’ll fondly call it the ED epilator as this long series of numbers won’t stick to you, even though is important to take note of it as this is a kit with exclusive attachments you will not find with other releases of this same model.

Along the epilating head, ED comes with a shaver head made of hypo-allergenic foiled blades, a pop-up trimmer, a pedicure buffer head to smooth your skin not only for feet, you can still use it to exfoliate other ares of the body. You also get two precision comb cap heads to epilate delicate zones or to shave and trim to a specific length.This Panasonic machine is also a wet and dry epilator and is waterproof, so you can take it to the shower while cordless, working on battery, or conveniently epilate while it is corded – but out of the shower of course. The battery runs for up to 30 minutes and takes 1 hour to recharge. While all the heads of this machine are detachable, you can still wash all them after use with running water. ED also includes a LED light to make it easy to find very little hair.

When it comes to the epilator head, ED has one of the most numerous tweezers head cap in the market. It has 48 tweezers and they work similarly to the Emjoi model, with a double faced cap zone. Also, it includes a pivoting head to make it even easier and more comfortable. For last, while it doesn’t matter a lot, ED has a quite cute design, is probably the most beautiful model out there. Too bad it is only available on a pink dye layer for this kit, while you can find this same design with different colors but for different kits, respectively, the ED70-G (Blue) and the ED50-N (Gold). Both these kits have less attachments, but are the same ED epilator.

Epilady Legend 4G (4th Generation)

Almost finishing our list, I’ll include two models that are much more budget alike options for people who are not able to spend on the fancy models we have just seen. That’s not to say that this Epilady model is crappy, it is just more compact, a good and only epilator machine. There are not extra functions, so you pay less for only what you need when it comes to epilating: an epilator.And it is a strong one.

Legend 4G has 40 tweezers, another big number compared to many fancy models in the market and it work both corded and cordless, but is not waterproof. You can still wash the head on running water but you can take it to the shower.One of the best and worst features of this epilator at the same time is the battery autonomy. Legend 4G runs for up to 1 hour, this is a lot and is often pointed out as one of the biggest pros of this model. On the other hand, it takes 8 hours to fully recharge, which is not great at all, even though you can still use it corded.

Sminiker 3-in-1 Lady Hair Removal Kit

For last, the most affordable model of our list is this multifunction machine developed by the not-that-well-known American brand Sminiker. While not as popular as other brands, this Sminiker machine is quite well rated. Even though, is important to say that this design is more oriented for precision epilation, as it doesn’t have a quite numerous tweezers head: 21 tweezers with a single face cap zone. As you will notice by the size of the cap zone, it is not refined for epilating legs, more like a great option for facial hair removal and armpits/groins epilating.

Like the Epilady model, this epilator has a great battery autonomy, up to 1 hour, but takes as well 8 hours to fully recharge. Also, it works only cordless so you won’t be able to use it while it is recharging.As it is a multifunction design, the Sminiker comes with several attachments, including a shaver head, bikini trimmer, cap zone head and a exfoliator head. And that’s all for it. Quite affordable, quite simple and specific.

Epilating Guide: What You Need to Know to Use and Purchase the Best Epilator

While I reviewed what are the most immediate best epilators in the market, as I said in the beginning of this guide, not all women will enjoy the same epilator in the same way. To illustrate that, there are women that claimed they felt much more pain with Philips models than they would with Braun’s, some claim that the double faced Emjoi’s Emagine doesn’t remove as much hair as Braun despite the former has double the number of tweezers.

Sometimes it is about how well you can handle an epilator, or how good it works with your skin, or how long you take to finish the epilating session, among many other factors, so I’ll guide you through here about how to select the best epilator, to know well how you would work with any of these models with no need to buy them beforehand.I’ll start by the basics, but you can jump to the last half of this guide if you just want the tips to select the best epilator for you as well as some great tips to improve your performance, pain and aftermath of your skin after epilating

Basics Guide: The ABC


  • What is an Epilator? What’s the difference from an electric shaver or from waxing ?

Epilators are, basically, a lot of tweezers automated to pull hair from your skin as fast as possible, from the root, rotating onto a disc that works just like an electric shaver, but here you will really get over with the hair and not just cut it. The difference from waxing on the other hand relies in the fact you don’t have to use any kind of other aid, as wax, to remove the hair. As you can imagine, epilating is painful, just like waxing, but some people will endure it better than waxing.

  • What are the benefits of an Epilator ?

All benefits on using an epilator are measured against the benefits of the other alternatives for hair removal, so they can be quite numerous. I’ll list all the most essential and important to note:

Smooth skin : Against shaving, epilators remove all the hair from the root and will let your skin with a soft touch until you have to remove the hair again. Is well known the bothering after math of shaving, the hair grows sharp and hard because it was cut at the base of the hair, where it is thicker. It becomes the new tip of the hair and the sensation of pinching and itching because of these micro-needles touching you is really uncomfortable if not painful sometimes when it starts to rub the skin. When you epilate, you remove all the hair and a new strand of hair will grow, so even when it is getting big again, it will feel soft rather than sharp.

Simple Against waxing and other methods, like the Veet chemical shaving – aka veeting – epilating doesn’t require other products. You can optionally make use of foams or gels that are supposed to aid on pain relief, but they are not a mandatory part of the method. This has its advantages when it comes to prepare for removing the hair, as well as the aftermath to clean up. Waxing can be quite messy, veeting even more, and both are complicated, rely on a timing and, for last, they have a cost for each application.

Less rashes : There is little possibility to have skin rashes after epilating compared to all other methods of hair removal, including shaving, that’s because, by default, there will be no chemicals involved during the epilating session, so the defenses of the skin will not be lowered. Some of these usual products, like waxing, can kill a lot of the natural bacteria flora of the skin that works preventing invasive microorganisms to settle down. Likewise, it hurts much less the skin with very little damage, the less damage the less dead skin to settle and possibly obstruct the pores resulting in ingrown hairs.

Costs : Epilators are a one time purchase and you are set for years. Different from all other methods that rely on additional products to work, you will only pay for the epilator once and, of course, for the energy you use to recharge.

Convenience : Since they are portable machines that in most cases work on battery mode, epilating is quite easy to do anywhere. While you will surely need to clean all the hair later, it is much easier as it will not be plastered on other substances. Epilating can be performed anywhere as well as you kept the batteries charged or has a power outlet available nearby in case the machine also works corded. Also, you don’t need to pay for a professional to perform it for you.

Multifunction : While not all models have this flexibility to perform other tasks, many epilators have a build to work doing other functions, shaving, trimming, brushing, exfoliating and massaging. This all is means more savings for you.

How to use an Epilator?

In very few steps, epilators are not really complicated to operate but they require some caution when first using, specially a new model you are not familiar with, so you can learn how it hurts, and how much it hurts.The main issue about epilating is, for sure, the pain. Many women say it hurts less than waxing, others are completely on the other side of the fence and prefer the all at once technique of waxing.

Truth must be said that the hair removal of epilating doesn’t happen that much faster or longer than waxing, all methods depend on how fast the operation is handled, so is up to the people and not the techniques.One way or another, yes, some psychological preparation is welcome before you start epilating. Likewise, you have to prepare the epilator, fully charged or properly plugged to a power outlet if it works corded too.

Speeds : Almost all epilators work with 2 speeds, I don’t know any model that has more than 2 speeds, but some have only the on/off option. If this is the case, well, hold your breath and try it on an area that has thinner hair than usual to see how fast it pulls and how much it hurts. If the machine has two speeds like usual, start by the slower, check the pain, if you are fine, you can try the faster. If you are fine on full speed, you can stick to it to make the whole epilating faster overall.

I personally recommend using faster speed on delicate zones to get it over for once and for good fast, but this is also up to you.

Dexterity : You must know how to handle appropriately the epilator. First, find a position that will be comfortable for your hand on the long go, next, you have to know how to handle it depending on how the epilator tweezers disc rotate:

  • Single Face: For these epilators, they often rotate rightwards or downwards, if you look them from above, or in the clockwise direction if you look them by profile, so you must place them typically against the hair growing direction to increase the chances the hair will be grabbed by the base, just like waxing do. This lowers the pain but, different from waxing, not always this will happen. Some women are already so used to epilating that any direction actually will work for them. Is just important to avoid too much skin contact so the tweezers grab hair and not your skin. When epilating, you must position either the epilator or the surface you are epilating on an obtuse or acute angle, never perpendicular to the other surface of contact.
  • Double Face: These models are more simple to handle as, different from the single faced heads, you just have to keep it perpendicular to the skin all the way. Since they grab hair from both sides, you must let the center of the epilator head touch the skin in a right angle.

Cleaning : while you are epilating, the hair will often be released downwards. It becomes easy to blow them once in a while as you slide the machine against the skin. Some models have better builds than others when it comes to releasing the hair, but a few blows help to avoid them getting stuck inwards, which will be annoying to clean later. You don’t have to stop the epilating session to perform this, not with these models we listed here at least, but help yourself for later doing the blow.

Performance Guide: Improving your Epilating Experience

Even if you are schooled somehow already on epilating, the process of performing an efficient epilating session starts when you are choosing the best model for you until the aftercare you can perform as well to let your skin set with the best feeling. This may not be your first epilator mode, but we have some cool tips to purchase epilators that will help you select a great model among the greatest ones listed here.

1. Wheat from Shaft: What to look for on the best epilator ?

Some features may seem obvious, but there are more for high-profile epilators than we think. But let’s star from simple to more complex to cover it all:

Double Power Source : You have seen that some models offer only one or another operating source, but most of the best epilators offer both. Is always good to be prepared for all scenarios, in case you endure a longer than expected epilating session, you don’t have to hold on for a while more until the battery is recharged again. Corded use has its limitations, and so does the cordless, so get the best of both worlds always as possible, otherwise, is better to stick to battery sourced machines as they provide the best of epilators: the portability.

Any-Charging Profile : The power sourcing leads to another important feature that not all epilators have: working with the battery not fully charged. All the models listed here will be able to work with less than 100% charge, but some models are still manufactured with a mechanism that doesn’t enable you to start operating the machine unless it is fully recharged again. This can be very restrictive in case you just need 10 minutes more to finish, so check carefully whether the machine is allowed or not to work with random charges.

Waterproof : If you can’t take the epilator to the shower, is fine, but being able to at least wash it under running water is essential. Washing epilators is much more convenient than just using a cleaning brush and it works as a plus in case you want to add some cream, lotion, foam, gel or any other thing that can help you ease the pain or to use the shaving function. While most of these machines have detachable heads, is more convenient to just rinse it yet attached, specially if you are not using the machine that often for other functions.

Cap Zone Heads : If you want a machine as versatile as possible for epilating, is better to favor cap zone attachments rather than multi function heads. While conventional epilator heads work fine for all purposes, in undeniable that cap zones will make the performance faster and better depending on the zone you are epilating. While not many people make use of epilators to remove facial hair, a proper cap zone head can help a lot to remove hair under the nose, for example, as the nose and lips can be an obstacle. For armpits and groins is the same scenario. These cap zone heads limit the area of coverage so it makes the epilating also safer on delicate zones.

Noble Metals : This is a bit of a chemistry class here, but it is not that much complicated. If you don’t remember anymore, noble metals are considered on chemistry the elements that endure the best corrosion, requiring much more efforts to start reacting with other elements and consequently, degrade. When it comes to epilating, you will want the best for the tweezer heads. While stainless steel is perfect for the tweezers, whenever you see tweezers plated with gold, silver, copper or platinum, is a spot on. They will likely endure forever, unless you drop the machine and end up breaking some of them, they will be resistant to any kind of products you may apply to your skin, as well as moist. These metals are also better against damaging: stainless steel may end up grooved with time and these flaws on the surface can be bad for bacteria proliferation.

2. Reducing the Burden: How to Reduce the Epilators pain ?

This is probably the most interesting part for you who is already schooled on epilators as I have some tips here that you most likely don’t know. When it comes to pain any advice is welcome, so here comes some rituals – that you may already know – and other tips to make you feel much less pain.

Warm bath : one of the main reasons why we feel pain when epilating is the fact our hair is quite well rooted In the skin, so you must ease this tightness. Heat is the best thing to improve this relaxation, as it will open up pores. One the other hand, showering is not very good for this pre-event, is better you take a bath. Avoid friction before epilating as this will make the skin more sensible. Many people recommend exfoliation before epilating, to avoid ingrown hairs, but this doesn’t help with the pain at all. The exfoliation can happen later, it won’t make difference preventing inflammation of the skin if performed afterwards. Before epilating, keep your skin tough. You can alternatively soak a clean towel on warm water in case you don’t have a bath tub, let it sit over the surface you will epilate for some 5 minutes and get started. Just avoid as well water too hot, it must feel hot but not hurting at all.

Stimulants-Free Diet : At least one day before you epilate, avoid consuming coffee or any other drinks that include caffeine. It is a stimulant, so your nervous system gets easily excited, no wonder it helps people to be awake or concentrate. It will likewise stimulate your senses, so you will feel as well better, and if it is about pain, you will feel it stronger. Tobacco is also a stimulant and can really increase the pain. If you are not a smoker, all the better, otherwise, better avoid a cig at least 2 to 3 hours before you epilate. Narcotics like marijuana, on the other hand, can help reducing the pain as they are relaxing. Though it surely is not legal everywhere, if you live somewhere were medicinal marijuana is sold you should give it a try.

Desensitizing Products : Here I have some tips for natural solutions and also tips about medicines you can purchase on drug stores. While the former are less expensive and more welcome for people who are not fond on chemicals and medicines in vain, the creams I recommend here are of topic use and they only work on the level of the skin, is not like you will have poisons running on your blood and many of them are indicated by dermatologists.

  • Natural Anti-inflammatory: The oils of propolis, neroli, bisabol as well as the shea butter are great topic soothing substances, they make the skin more resistant, also improving the skin defenses.
  • Natural Analgesics: Clover oil is the way to go. It has been used for centuries against many kind of topical pains. Cayenne pepper has a substance called capsaicin , common in most peppers. It is largely used by the pharmaceutic industry to create analgesics. Lavender is another natural medicinal that works as an anti-inflammatory and analgesic. All these plants are very easy to find and you can do a homemade tonic out of them, grinding and smashing them to late apply over the skin.
  • Desensitizing creams/sprays:  If you are not worried with medicines and is up to try something ready to use, the tip is these topical solutions that are used for, nothing more, nothing less than premature ejaculation! They are quite affordable, many are less than $10 and they help to numb the genital skin, which is quite sensible, to a point of numbness for up to 30 minutes, so imagine what it can do for your skin while you are epilating. One of the most famous of these products is the Stud100, it costs less than $10 and works with lidocaine, the same substance you find in the spray that your dentist use to numb the skin before applying injections.

3. Epilating Aftercare advices: How to prevent ingrown hair and rashes from epilating ?

Salicylic Acid : You probably have seen tons of times that tip to perform an exfoliation, but I’ll go a bit beyond here with a different exfoliative treatment that is a leap from just rubbing your skin.

Many people with ingrown hair issues, folliculitis – the inflammation of the pores – and acne are prescribed treatments with salicylic acid. This acid is antibacterial as well as quite incisive, it dives deep into the skin and corrodes any dead skin, releasing pores from getting stuck with debris from dead skin cells. Salicylic acid is also soluble on fat, so it won’t be repelled by your skin oil.
You will find this acid on several toiletries for acne like soaps and cleansing solutions.

There is a famous after shaving for men called Tend Skin that is becoming quite famous among women because men make use of it to avoid all the aforementioned issues, and it does miracles.
Tend Skin has tons of salicylic acid and that’s why it makes wonders. Also, the formula of this toiletry has hydrogen peroxide, that quite common cleansing water used to disinfect wounds.

The thing is, you can make your own formula at home with very few costs and perform an intensive and restoring exfoliation with this combo. The secret is: aspirins. They are the commercial formula for salicylic acid. To make your own formula is quite simple:

Salicylic Acid Exfoliating Lotion Recipe

  • 12 uncoated aspirin pills – that standard kind, sold in tablets and not the ones with gelatin capsule.
  • 100ml of hydrogen peroxide.
  • Optional: glycerin to give it a firmer texture.


  • Dissolve very well all the aspirin pills in the hydrogen peroxide, then mix it with the glycerin. The amount of glycerin here is up to you but is important to do not make it too much thick as it will weaken the concentration of salicylic acid. If you want a quite firm texture, I would suggest to double the amount of aspirins.

Exfoliation : Do the exfoliation with this lotion after epilating. There will be remaining salt grains from the aspirin that are not soluble, they are excellent to work as exfoliating agents but if they are not that much concentrated on your lotion, you can freely make use of other abrasive objects to rub your skin.

You will notice your skin will start to get paler after applying the lotion. Let it sit for at least 20 minutes. Is natural if you feel it pinching and itching, is because the acid is working on your skin.

After that period, wash it with warm water. There is no need to use soap and actually is not recommended as it will hut your skin. The acid already has an oil-removing function. Dry it with a very clean towel and you are done. Is recommended that you repeat this exfoliation daily for a few days more to ensure that no inflammatory scenario will show up.

Hydrating : Is not mandatory that you perform an hydration treatment to your skin if it doesn’t show any signs of being dry, but many women may find their skin more damaged and dehydrated after epilating. You can make use of one of the aforementioned oils I suggested here that have natural anti-inflammatory powers, like propolis and neroli. Olive oil also has a lot of hydrating and healing benefits, but the smell is not that pleasant as the other oils. For that matter by the way, lavender oil is an excellent choice. Just be careful to do not overboard with these oils, specially if you already have a oily skin as excessive oil can obstruct pores and lead to folliculitis.

The Bottom Line

At the beginning of this guide we talked about how much more convenient epilating is in detriment to waxing and other methods of hair removal. After all these tips its seems like crazy contradiction right? But if you have ever waxed before you will not things can get even more laborious and delicate to handle, specially the aftermath.

Don’t hesitate.

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