Best Hand Blender 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

For those who are not fans of sturdy, loud and expensive blenders on their kitchens, as well as for people who don’t need a dedicated blender for powerful recipes, best hand blenders can really make the cut with a lot of autonomy and they have been quite popular for a while since they can easily be used for multi task cooking. I particularly have a hand blender for baking, as they make great mixer as well as blenders. Since I don’t enjoy all the hard work of cleaning traditional mixers bowls – and the machine, as baking flour easily spreads around with that kind of mixer – hand blenders are a great friend of mine and, yes, they surely perform their core design of blending among other functions.

While they are quite popular, the best hand blenders are not that easy to find as there is, in fact, a profuse amount of models in the market. As they are often much more affordable, is easy to manufacture – and sell – but that doesn’t mean all affordable hand blender is a good choice to stick with you. I selected here 7 of the best hand blenders in the market for 2017, they are all high rated products and most of them, come with a complete kit to turn them into do-it-all appliances on your kitchen. Let’s get to the reviews and take a look on how they work and what they have to offer to you, as well as you should check my quick guide afterwards to get the best tips to purchase the ideal model for your needs.

Best Hand Blender Reviews 2017

Waring Commercial WSB65

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If you are looking for something really powerful to handle, the Waring’s WSB65 is one of the most boosted hand blenders in the market, no wonder it is also one of the most expensive. It is really made to prepare all sort of things, as you can find it on several different dimensions and capacities, from 10 to 15, 25, 35 or 50 gallons. What changes from one capacity to another is the length of the shaft, from 12 to 21 inches, so this enables you to blend or mix bigger portions if you are often in charge to cook for a big crowd. As the name suggests, this is a commercial-use blender, is designed for cookers and chefs that work in the industry. If you want a powerful professional machine in your kitchen, this is the way to go.

This Waring hand blender has a 750W motor, this is more than most standard blenders can make, so you are free to blend lots of ingredients, prepare smoothies, shakes, soups and even use it as a food processor and mixer.The handle to operate this blender is quite comfortable, robust and safe. The rubberized grip helps it to stand still on your hands, you can really keep it steady and totally on control over the whole process, specially because it is quite powerful.

As it is already a robust machine, this model doesn’t come with a multi-function kit because Waring has its own line of professional attachments for chefs. Not all chefs will need all sort of extras, in the same way, you can choose what is best for you in a separate purchase. The standard machine though comes with the default 4-bladed bell, ideal for mixing, blending, grinding and beating, it is described as a all-function, so it can surely make anything you need with such a powerful motor, and fast.

Braun MR5555MCA Multi Quick Professional Hand Blender

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If there is one brand that I really have a crush for, is the German fancy Braun. As most things produced in Germany, this hand blender of them is a top notch appliance for your kitchen. I know Braun already by their shavers and other beauty appliances, they keep the same kind of refinement for those products that make them so famous also in the kitchen.

This hand blender model has a 400W motor, and as it is powerful enough to process a lot of things, this machine comes with a whole kit of attachments to turn it into a blender, mixer or food processor. It includes a chopper blade head, blender, spatula, whisk, measuring cup and also a recipe book.

Depending what you want to do, you just have to attach the unit to one of the attachments and start it.This hand blender has up to 10 different speed sets, you can adjust them gradually through a dialer interface.All the attachments are dish washer proof, you can freely wash them with hot water.

This Braun model is also one of the expensive ones, but is much more affordable compared to the Waring which has a professional build, so if you want a middle ground between what is pro-built and home use, a Braun will fit perfectly.

KitchenAid KHB3581OB Pro Line

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KitchenAid is well known for their high quality kitchen appliances, I reviewed before other products manufactured by the brand, including blenders. For hand blenders it would not be different as the brand has also its gems to offer (and this is the first of two hand blender by the brand in this list).

This Pro Line model is a great, robust kit to boost your kitchen with several options for cooking: is a blender, mixer and smoother, with a 200 W motor and a standard blade shaft 8-inch long. But if you need to prepare some king recipe, you can attach the longer shaft, 13-inch long for a deeper immersion. This is just the tip of the iceberg though. The Pro Line KHB3581OB has a lot of exclusive attachments that make it the most versatile kit of our list.

While most hand blenders come with a standard blade for its main shaft, this KitchenAid model can not only interchange shafts as it can interchange blades. The bell blade that is so particular to this kind of blender is detachable, so you can work with other two different blade bells that are included in the kit: a 4 bladed bell for mixing and blending, a 2-bladed for grinding and ice crushing and a plated-blade bell to froth milk and cream other kind of blends. It is really a lot of options and is not even finished! You also get the usual whisk utensil and the food processor container, as well as the extra cup/beaker, with a 4-cups capacity.

And we are just talking about the attachments. While the motor here is 200 W, not the most powerful of our list, it has a set of 5 different speeds to work with as well as a pulse function. There is a sensible dialer you roll to adjust the speed to make it quite simple.The best thing though about their speed settings is the lock mechanism, which you can use to keep the speed steady, as well as you can use to avoid the machine turning on accidentally. It works both for when the machine is on and off. Whenever it is activated, the controls get blocked and it won’t shut off on you, neither will chase you through the kitchen by a ghost hand.

For last, this is a quite handy hand blender as it works with battery. You don’t require a chord to be plugged to it, this is also good to prevent accidents with electricity. You have to let the battery alone charging at the charger base so when it is ready you will attach it to the machine. This model is high-rated, so the autonomy of the battery is not a bad surprise as it works for up to a full 1 hour at the max speed. It can endure much longer for lighter blending. After using it, you have to remove the battery for recharging particularly to avoid forgetting it on half capacity for the next time you use it. And as KitchenAid often do, this model is not only available with one finish style, you can get it either on black, white, red, or chromed finishes.

Epica 4-in-1 Hand Blender

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While it doesn’t have a big name for itself like the previous brands, the Epica hand blender is a top seller and a quite popular model that actually made the brand famous. This 4 in 1 hand blender has a 350 W motor and also work as a multi function machine: besides blending, you can also mix, juice and process food. There are 3 different blades so you can alternate between functions.

This Epica blender works similarly to the Braun model, includes the whisk utensil which you can use for specific mixing recipes, like beaten egg whites and a food processor container with the appropriate blade to prepare other cooking mixes. The standard blender blade set has a long 7-inches shaft.

All this can be customizable through the multi speed set of the blender. It goes much more smoothly as the dialer doesn’t have preset speeds, like the Braun model, for example, so you can easily increase the speed as you make the preparation from a min. to a max. speed rate. There is also the Turbo mode that works like a Pulse for fast preparations.
This hand blender comes with a 3-cup jar included for preparations you can store with a lid that is also included in the kit.

KitchenAid KHB2351CU Hand Blender

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Our second KitchenAid hand blender is a more demure, compact version for your pocket. While the motor of this blender has the same power output of the previous model of our list, this blender is less complex and with a smaller number of extra utensil for its kit. All in all, this is not a little thing of a hand blender, even though you can get it for a quite affordable price compared to the other models. The motor has a 200 Wattage, and while it is quite less potent than previous it still can be used to multi function preparations, since it has a standard shaft length, ideal for 10 gallons recipes.

Just like other models, this is a set with several attachments, including also the whisk for for beaten recipes, a 3-cups extra container to make those preparations which you can use also to store your cooking mixes, the food processor utensil and of course, the standard blade to blend.

Different from other models, this KitchenAid motor has only a set of 3 different speeds. You can find this model in three different finishes, either a chromed metallic cover, or a tinted black or white finishes. All them are available for the same price so this is another con for this model, as all the others are not flexible when it comes to looks.

Cuisinart Smart Stick Hand Blender

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There comes another brand that has a name for itself. Cuisinart has a lot of kitchen appliances, this is not the only blender of the brand, but this is a great option for an accessible model. The Smart Stick also is a versatile kit, comes with the whisk, food processor attachment and an extra 16oz cup, and as it is more accessible as well, its motor is not the most powerful, 200 W, working with only two different speed sets.

Cuisinart makes their blender kits compatible with a lot of other possible attachments, manufactured by the brand, and while you get just 3 different set of blades here, the universal attachment unit can fit into other utensils of the brand.While it won’t work as fast as the other models for mixing and blending, it is still a multi function blender. The shaft is around 7-inch long so it is ideal for more simple amounts of food. There is a Pulse function included besides the two-speed set. You can control it for either work on high or low speed.

Once again, this is a model that offers you a bit more of options when it comes to looks. There are many different finishes for the rubberized grip handle, from black to red, white and chromed.

VonShef 3-in-1 Hand Blender

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Our last pick for best hand blender is this VonShef compact though great machine. Let me say that, while it is one of the most affordable of our list, because its kits is more simple than many other kits, its unit machine is one of the best, so if you are looking actually for a powerful hand blender regardless of the extras, this is one of the best options for you.

This VonShef hand blender has a 400W motor, which is an ideal capacity to make all the functionalities it is designed for with a great performance, even though it has only 3 different speed sets and the Pulse function. It comes with the whisk and the food processor container, as well as a beaker/cup with a 3 cups capacity.

Like Cuisinart, VonShef has many attachments available as an extra purchase in case you want to boost your hand blender later, so for the price you are going to pay for the machine, it is really a bargain for such a sturdy motor. The shaft of this model is not the longest either, 6-inch long, but they provide as well extra long arms for selling. This hand blender is available only as a chromed and black finish, with rubberized grip handle for superior comfort and safety.

Tips for the Best Purchase: Getting the Ideal Hand Blender

This quick guide is quite relevant if you are really not that experienced on blenders in general. I did all the homework to help you here to get a better idea about how all this team works. But let’s focus on the hand blenders for here:

1. What is a hand blender? What is the difference from other blenders?

The traditional blender is a steady and enclosed device with jar or cup. The hand blender is a quite versatile revamp of that mechanism, specially to make it easy for cooking. As the machine is hand operated, hand blenders have a set of smaller blades, they can be used with any kind of cooking bowl and they can as well be used for many other functions apart from blending.

While it offers a lot of versatility, as you don’t have to stick to the traditional jar, hand blenders are obviously smaller, so they may take longer to prepare recipes that would be ready within 1 or 2 minutes with a powerful blender. It is a better option if you are looking for a machine that can also mix and whisk, but is not the best way to go if you want to prepare fast smoothies, shakes and cold drink for a lot of people.

2. What are the benefits of a hand blender?

First, they cost much less than traditional powerful blenders and, most of all, they don’t work only as a blender as we said already, they will be your cooking mixer, food processor and as well as grinder. While some traditional blenders can also be used for the preparation of dough, they will hardly offer the same performance and will not whisk. Hand blenders are also smaller, they can easily be handled and managed. As I said in the beginning, is much easier to clean a hand blender then a whole set of a mixer. For cooking, you can make use of the same bowl many times different from the limitations of the jar/cup that makes you bound to it on traditional blenders.

3. What to look for on the best hand blender?

As these blenders are already less powerful to fit standards of convenience and handleability, so you must avoid models that lower too much its capacity of processing. Power, versatility, speed rates are some of the factors you must pay attention:

Wattage : Avoid models that have a capacity below 200 W. This is a good safety margin to ensure you are getting a model that can operate well for most kind of functions it is developed for. Often, models that have a lower wattage than that will end up malfunctioning throughout the years if you push them too hard on thicker preparations or wider amounts. The more powerful the motor is, the wider amounts of food it can process with autonomy and, most importantly, not slowing down.

Multi-Function : All good hand blenders must be able to not only blend, but grind, mix, whisk, smooth and even juice – even though rarely they will offer a filter system to remove the pulp. Avoid models that don’t offer a great compatibility with several different attachments. While it seems almost unanimous as all models we have seen have attachments available in the market by their manufacturers don’t, so pay attention to what the brand you are interested on can offer you.on the long go.

Speed Rates : The more powerful a motor is, the higher will be the speed peak. Here you have two choices from what I have learned: either you stick with a quite powerful speed peak, regardless of the amount of adjustments, or you stick with a middle ground that offers you the best of peak force and adjustment options. Some models are quite powerful but don’t offer a wide amount of presets, while others are quite intuitive but less powerful. This will also depend what you will be doing with your hand blender, as you don’t need something so strong for simple recipes and can play better with more speed rates. On the other hand, you know that robust hand blenders will be used for heavy duty mixing/blending, so you will mostly be working on full force and won’t require that much versatility of the speed settings.

Final Considerations

Unfortunately, there is not always a great combo of looks and efficiency together as you have seen. Most hand blenders are focused on efficiency and are released with strict finishes but, one tip, if you want to take a look on cute models, Cuisinart has several models of a same line that are available on several different colors, with a metallic finish to all of them. The Cuisinart CSB-76DP line has a lot of different models on different colors. I didn’t include a review for this model because, despite it being highly rated and with a decent potency, it is in the margin of what is best and what is just great, Smart Stick is in my opinion a superior machine and comes with a more complete kit. Regardless, take a look and make your mind about it as it surely has some sweet looks and it will work great for a day-to-day regular use.

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