Best Immersion Blenders 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

If you have missed, Then i wrote a list with the best hand blenders in the market where I listed what are the best sold and high rated models with that design, but when it comes to immersion blenders there is a differential that requires a special list just for what is considered the most long hand blenders for all those who want something stretching far enough inside their bowls and pans to mix wide portions.

I listed here some of the best models that fit very well that profile, only selecting long hand blenders with a great rate in the market and renowned quality. I’ll also tell you exactly what are the differences between hand blenders and immersion blenders as they seem to be almost the same thing – and in fact, ALMOST are – so if you are a little bit loss about this world of immersion appliances, stick with me. Let’s check first the models I selected – one of them by the way has a place in my kitchen – and then I’ll introduce you to a briefing on how to get the best immersion blender, what makes them great, and more important information that will really school you so you can be your own boss on your kitchen.

Best Immersion Blender Reviews in 2017

Braun MQ777 Immersion Blender

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Our first immersion blender is a state of art complete kit developed by Braun. The MQ777 has a 400 W motor that works with a quite unique and different speed set. Instead of dialing or setting one specific speed, Braun introduces the Smart Speed t

echnology. Like a joystick with a gas pedal, the deeper you press it, the higher the speed gets. This is a very intuitive and free-adjustable dynamic to operate the immersion blender, it becomes much easier to memorize the right intensity you need. I speak from experience as, some specific recipes are thicker than others.

I know exactly how much I should push to prepare my banana bread dough or orange cake doughs – with skin and pulp – while chocolate traditional cakes take less effort and a more relaxed finger. With preadjusted machines you often have to remember the right speed, with the Smart Speed is like bicycling, once you have learned it, you will always intuitively know how to operate.
Besides this great differential, this blender has a great, really great kit with several useful attachments.

Besides the 7-inch immersion shaft, you get a :

  • Whisk
  • Potato masher
  • French fry disk
  • Food processor with a set of 3-bladed head.

This food processor container is actually a system apart that makes the machine even more useful. The lid has a clever design to make use of the food processor as a slicer and a mixer. There are two entrances, one for the machine unit and other to feed the food processor container with food, so you can either throw slowly the ingredients or make use of one extra, and great, attachment: the French Fry Disc. It can work solo to slice potatoes, carrots, cucumbers and other vegetables, as well as you can use it to boost the process of processing food as the ingredients already fall sliced into the container to be blended by the 3-bladed disc of the processor. This is also helpful to smooth fruits into shakes and smoothies.

The kit also includes a 20-oz beaker where you can prepare beaten white eggs with the whisk. For last, puree anything you want with the potato masher that will rapidly mash and smooth ingredients. Is very hard to think on something else you may want or need that this kit can’t offer. A true gem.

Bamix Pro-3 GL200 Immersion Hand Blender with Wall Bracket

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Much more oriented for industrial use, Bamix is not a celebrity of the kitchen appliances industry when it comes to popularity, you will not see it easily among the most affordable blenders, and you won’t see thousands of people buying it – because is often expensive – but that doesn’t mean it is not a synonym of power and efficiency. Guess what: the invention of the hand blenders was coined by a Swiss man called Roger Perrinjaquet, he baptized his creation as Bamix, a combination of the French verb “battre” (to beat) and “mixing” from the English. Here you are reading about a model of the pioneer brand of hand blenders.

This model is highly rated by buyers and has the longest shaft of our list, it is one of the biggest investments you can make for a sturdy immersion blender. It has tradition, quality, sturdy design and a name. Its shaft is 11.4-inch long, while the body of the machine has a submersion margin of safety so it can dive a bit further, up to 15 inches deep.

This kind of immersion blender is largely used on chef’s kitchen as it can be used to prepare large number of portions. And while you would think that the only let down of this model is its motor, only 200 W of potency with 2 different speed rates, that is not truth as this blender has a smart design to gather few energy to give great results. Its adaptable set of blade bells compensate for this lack of power as it chops, blends and mixes with much more efficiency than most models.

The standard bell has a set of 4 blades and can be used to chop, mash, mix and blend, while the aerating blade that substitute the usual whisk will make just as good the task to whip or beat liquids. There is also a masher disc to puree potatoes and other vegetables. And most important of all, these blades are also wider than usual bells, 3-inch wide.

Basically this is the Bamix GL200, but Bamix offers complementary attachments on a separate purchase, like a grinder blade bell and the food processor container with its own blades. It is not a cute KitchenAid full of colors, but is a top notch big boss!

Dualit Immersion Blender

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For a price a bit more affordable than the Braun fancy immersion blender, this Dualit machine is a 700 W motor with a great design that makes it a better blender for immersions if you are looking for something that can dive deeper. While you can purchase longer shafts for the Braun blender, this Dualit already comes with a 9-inch shaft, as well as the design of this shaft is much more slim, so it will work really fine for preparation up to 10 gallons.

Resembling a bit the Braun speed system, the Dualit hand blender works also with a intuitive speed rate, but rather then pressing you have to roll the dialer. It doesn’t have preadjusted speed, but it works less smoother than the Smart Speed technology. The machine also include the pulse function that is called Turbo here, it is the highest speed you can make use with no need to dial until the end the rotating controller.

One more similarity with the Braun model is the food processor container. This blender also has the double-feed lid to attach the machine and feed the food processor with ingredients. On the other hand, it doesn’t include a french fry slicer disc, only the chopper blade.

You also get with the kit a beaker/jug with a 32-oz capacity and the whisk. The standard shaft blade has some differentials that make it even better for deeper immersions, as the anti-suction technology.

The design of the bell blade is made in such way that it will not make your blender grip the bottom of the bowl or cup where you are making a preparation. Once again, you will only find this blender with the chromed polished finish.

All-Clad KZ750D Immersion Blender

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One big contender for the Dualit and Bamix blenders when it comes to deep immersion, the All-Clad immersion blender has the second longest shaft of our list, just behind the Bamix, even though its motor is a bit less powerful than the Dualit, it still tops Braun and is one of the strongest of our list: 650 W, not a little thing at all. All-Clad has a much less elegant design than all the previous models, but its almost 10-inch long shaft with a quite slim design makes it perfect to dive into deep-full bowls, and another big pro about it is, the price is much more affordable as it doesn’t include a whole kit with it.

With the 4-bladed bell head the brand claims it can do anything, from pureeing to chopping, smashing, blending and mixing – and with a powerful motor like that and great reviews from buyers I do believe it.

Probably the only let down of this model is its speed system. It is very minimalist as you have a set of three different speeds you can adjust through a rotating dialer and the Turbo option, so it is really designed for heavy-duty recipes. It is only available as a chromed polished finish with black rubberized edges.

Breville BSB510XL Immersion Blender

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Besides Braun, Breville is another quite popular brand manufacturing kitchen appliances. I already reviewed one of their blenders and it is one of the best overall in the market. This immersion blender of the brand is a more compact and affordable solution if you are looking for a hand immersion blender, as well as this is a kit to make of your blender a multi function appliance. Firstly, it is another long-shaft machine ideal for deep bowls, with a 8-inch long shaft.

The design of the blade is also anti-suction, even though its arms is less slim than most models in the list. The base of the blade bell has a protective finish to avoid scratching the bottom of bowls, preventing then damage both for the blender as well as for the recipients.

The BSB510XL comes with a generous jar with a capacity up to 45oz. You can use the jar with the whisk that always is included in the pack to prepare beaten egg whites and other cream recipes, as well as this is an ideal jug to prepare shakes, smoothies and juices.

Additionally, this model also has the food processor container, with its own blade disc and, for last, the speed system of this Breville has a lot of different speed options: while it has not the intuitive technology we have seen in the first models, it still has a 15 different options so you can really find a middle ground about anything.

The blender also includes a pulse function. Oh, and I couldn’t forget to mention it has a 280 W motor. It is not a powerhouse but can surely be used to a lot of recipes. It is not recommended though to use it for crushing ice and nuts. All in all, this is the first of the most affordable models of our list and it quite much sum up the ideal of a day to day immersion blender.

Cuisinart HB-155PC Smart Stick

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Cuisinart has many different versions of their famous Smart Stick, I did review one of them beforeThe HB-155PC though is not that much different from that model, but is also a top seller. If you want a more accessible version of the Smart Stick, this is the way to go, as this blender has a much smaller kit and you can get it with a smaller budget.

Basically this Cuisinart model has a 200W motor, a 7-inch long shaft and a design slightly different, but still keeps its robust body with the detail rubberized handle. Everything else about the unit itself remains the same, including the set of only 2 speeds.In case you want to skip the extra reading of the other Smart Stick review, this blender is designed by the brand also as a multi function blender, so you can make all the usual tasks immersion blenders offer.

It comes with the whisk attachment and a 16oz beaker. This reduction on the kit makes it cost around 30% less.

KitchenAid 2-Speed KHB1231

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The last immersion blender of our list is the colorful and compact KitchenAid KHB1231. It is the direct rival of Cuisinart Smart Stick models and no, it is not in the race and it is not famous only because it has a great variety of looks, but because it is one of the best kind of affordable immersion blender you can have in your kitchen with great features, specially if you are not looking for something that makes fine cuisine but works perfectly on a day-to-day recipes preparation. With a 200W motor and a set of 2 speed, this blender is similar to the Cuisinart, including what concerns the size of the kit, but it does have some bigger measures.

While It is very simple, the kit brings you the blender with an additional 23oz cup and the shaft of the blender is 8-inch long. This is a matter of personal choice here, many people are more fond on KitchenAid while others prefer Cuisinart when it comes to life span and enduring quality – the Cuisinart model is a bit more expensive, probably for those quality reasons.Some people prefer the former because it endures a longer time in your kitchen – there is a buyer from Amazon that claimed his Cuisinart lasts for 10 years already and going. On the other hand, is undeniable that the KitchenAid has functional advantages when it comes to sizes.

The cherry on top on this battle is the looks of the KitchenAid appliances. Like many of their products, you can get this immersion blender in several different colors. There is a wide array of 20 different colors to choose from, so there is enough options to match whatever the decor set you have there in your kitchen.

For last, KitchenAid also sells extra attachments separately so you can boost your immersion blender as you please, otherwise, you got all you need to blend, mix, beat and smooth.

Tips for the Best Purchase: Your Best Immersion Blender

If you are still here sticking with me, let’s make it quick to finish some very important observations on great immersions blenders. While the reviews I did include a good variety of options, let me tell you how you can make your own mind based on what you need and what you should know about immersion blenders.

  • What is an immersion blender and what is the difference from hand blenders?

As the name suggests, immersion blenders can dive into your pan or bowl when you are cooking, baking, mixing or simply blending. Let’s get it straight. All immersion blenders are hand blenders, because they are operated by hand, but not all hand blenders are immersion blenders, because some of them are too short to fit that description. Also, immersion blenders are designed by the manufacturers to endure high temperatures as they are often used to blend and mix ingredients on cooking pans during the cooking process. Not all hand blenders have that feature and some may get screwed if you try it so, basically, they will dive deep into the recipients and endure from heat to cold like champs.

  •  What are the benefits of an immersion blender?

Do you have a big family? Do you wanna make cooking fast while the pan is already boiling on the cooker? Immersion blenders are ideal for these scenarios, they are a boosted version of simple hand blenders and you can make use of them for many things. Many of these models are professional, they are used in the industry by big chefs and prepare a wide number of portions. If your kitchen resembles somehow a restaurant or you want to make it like a restaurant because you have a big family, immersion blenders are they way to go. They can be as powerful as traditional blenders which, by the way, will always be limited to cook on jars or cups, while immersion blenders can work wherever you want them to.

  •  What to look for on the best immersion blender?

It is a bit obvious, but let’s not let you forget and list here all the basics:

Length: If you don’t have a long a immersion blender it is just a hand blender. A good immersion blender must be at least 7-inch long, the ideal for comfortable, big meals scenario is a 9-inch shaft, as this will give you a safety margin from where you can work better on any recipes you don’t even know yet but may want to do in the future.

Power: Once again the motor of such blenders must be at least 200W. As I talked about hand blenders, a 200W power is the minimum accepted as you are specially going to use this to process big amounts of food. The less robust are going to be your meals, the less potent you need to have your immersion blender.

Versatility: Like any hand blender, you don’t want it to be just a simple blender, you want it to be more because it has the potential. This is a matter of personal taste, always take a look on the set of attachments and extras the manufacturer of an immersion blender has to offer. Here the rule is quality over quantity. Sometimes one single device can work for many different tasks – like the Braun’s food processor – but this is also a matter of the kind of tasks you will do and what you need.

Stainless Steel: Doesn’t matter if brushed or polished, is important the shaft of the immersion blender is made of stainless steel, because plastics in contact with heat are really not a good idea, even if they are heat proof. Let me explain you why.

I talked about it before and will emphasize the importance of avoiding BPA release on food. I don’t want to sound like the paranoid lady here, there is a debate whether BPA is related to cancer, but many studies in the USA proved it does have an impact in the body, is related to obesity as it shakes up our hormones balance and it is banished from most plastic products. Even though all these blenders are claimed to be BPA free, better be safe. BPA is released specially upon heating (you can read further about it here so ditch the plastic from shafts. One less concern to let you paranoid with nutrition nowadays.

Final Considerations

I believe I did summed up the best and the essential of the universe of hand blenders here as the immersion blenders are the last chapter of this wide category of appliances. Is important to note that, the immersion appliances in special are a great purchase that can make you save a lot of money if you want to replace a big mixer machine.
This was a choice I did years ago, switching from a heavy mixer that was very annoying to clean up to an immersion blender, even though I still have a boosted big traditional blender to prepare shakes and smoothies for me and my partner, a matter however of fitness and some guilty pleasure, we all can indulge with something.

But I do prefer things like this. In the future I may even do a list of the best mixers as not everybody agrees with me for sure, and there are still great dedicated models of mixers, despite their sizes and the hard maintenance they represent (for me).While our hand blenders chapter is over, don’t hesitate to dive as deep as these blenders into the subject and check also, in case you didn’t yet, my list for the best blenders overall in the market and, the my list for the best blenders for smoothies if you are looking for a good drink machine to boost your summer.

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