Best Jogging Strollers 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

Among all types of baby strollers in the market, the sturdiest and most refined models often are the jogging strollers so we decided to make a list of best jogging strollers for 2017. There is a lot of reasons for that, starting by the fact they are robust designs with a superior set of wheels, but also because most of them is oriented for older babies and toddlers make you company during a jogging session, and they require some spacious seats and a strong structure to endure their weight while your run with them. Jogging strollers are a great way to exercise and keep your little one with you.

These days these models are highly sold around as they also provide a great solution for a complete first infancy period, from 6 months to 5 or 6 years kids, many models can fit this wide range of children, so you buy it once and you keep it for a long while with you.

For sure these models are not the most accessible of the market, but considering the time they will stick with you and how they are designed to endure for a long while, it is more than fair and worth the investment. I selected what I consider some of the best jogging strollers in the market for 2017 and I reviewed them here for you. This is one of many guides I did for baby strollers, but if you are getting started here, don’t miss my quick purchase guide at the end of the reviews to know all you need to know about these cool strollers and how to get the best model for you and your baby.

Best Jogging Stroller 2017

Baby Jogger Summit X3 – Best Running Stroller Overall

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When you look for jogging strollers, you will notice a large number of strollers developed by Baby Jogger. Not only because the brand wraps this type of design on its own name, but because they really take this motto seriously and do a great job and their stroller offers a lot of cool features and a lot of parents just love this stoller. Baby Jogger has a lot of great jogging stroller models but, to give you wide options, I will not overboard with products of only this brand here so I choose what I consider their best overall stroller, the Summit X3. This is likewise one of the most expensive ones, but it is such a beauty and with such a sturdy build you easily notice why it is a great investment.First, it is a quite large jogging stroller, 46-inch tall, 38-inch large and 41.5-inch long.

Buyers says quite tall kids can take part on the fun, including 6 year old kids, which is great if you want your child to be really useful playing a heavy challenge for you to push around.The design of the Summit X3 is quite sportive and beautiful, it is available on three different colors, either orange, black or green. One of the first eye popping features of this jogging stroller is the wheels set. Three very sturdy pneumatic tires, two rear wheels with a 16-inch diameter and a front wheel with a 12-inch diameter.

This beauty can endure up to 75lbs of weight capacity. All them have a suspension system, just like a motorcycle, so you can run with it over road bumps with no problems, the ride for your kid will be always smooth. The front wheel includes a lock mounted on the handlebar. This lock enables you to either turn the mobile into a jogger or a simple stroller, as the swivel becomes operative on the strolling mode.Hand operated rear brakes for more control on hilly or uneven terrain.

To finish on a high note, this jogging stroller still offers a great, large canopy that can be adjusted to up to 3 different positions, up to a 180º range and, at the top of the canopy, there is a peek-a-boo window and two side vents that can be either covered or opened. This solves a bothering issue of canopies for grown up kids. I talked about it on my list of the best lightweight strollers, as many of those models doesn’t include large canopies because they are more oriented for big toddlers and kids, and as they are tall, large canopy totally folded become a little sauna chamber around the kid’ head, making it quite suffocating. This vents system solves the problem completely.You can also protect your kid with the 5-point harness belt if you are taking a small toddler with you.

And for last, you would think this sturdy stroller would be like an elephant to handle, but it is not: weighs only 29lbs, which is really impressive for such a large stroller. You can fold it with only one hand at ease.

BOB Revolution SE Stroller – Most expensive stroller on a list

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I reviewed before a BOB stroller model for my overall best baby stroller list and I can say that this is a brand that I cherish a lot as they have great high quality products. The Revolution SE is a great stroller, despite its high price, one of the most expensive jogging strollers you can get. This doesn’t make it a less top seller, so you know something here is really right beyond the hype.
Like the Baby Jogger, you have a multi function mobile here, as you can turn it into a stroller or a jogger – though you have to adjust this directly on the front wheel swivel.

The rear wheels are a bit bigger here, 18-inch of diameter, which makes the lifespan of the whole set of wheels longer with less pressure forces. BOB has a similar model, the CE Stroller, which the wheels are all 12-inch wide, among other small differences. It costs around 50% less, is also a great model, but the Revolution SE is still better choice for parents. It weighs only 25lbs, this is one of the lightest designs you can get for a jogging stroller, even though its weight capacity is up to 70lbs.

One of the great features of this model is the adjustable suspension system, different from other models, here you can increase the resilience of the wheels suspension so it won’t become a bouncing ball on way too soft terrains, but works great on rough scenarios to provide a smooth run through the field.

Another exclusivity of this model is the versatile compatibility with different car seat models, developed by different manufacturers. BOB provides an accessory adapter so you can easily attach car sets developed by brands like BRITAX, Graco, Chicco and Peg Perego.

The folding here is easy too, though it takes one extra step as after pulling the central strap, you can optionally lock the wheels tight to one each other to keep it steady and safe.

The canopy is another quite large design here, unfolding as well to a 180º range, with a peek-a-boo window on the top of the canopy. Other features of this model include the five-point harness with padded straps, detachable cup holders and a large storage basket. BOB also released this jogging stroll on different set of colors, either orange or blue navy.

Graco Relay Click Connect – Best Jogger Travel System

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Another brand that is quite popular among parents and whose models abound on the market in 2017, Graco delivers here a great running stroller with the same kind of sturdy design of the Baby Jogger, it is its direct counterpart in this list as they are quite similar, with some few differences that can make your mind about them. To start, this model is a bit lighter, 28lbs – not a big difference but still important to note – as well as its height is a bit bigger, 1 inch taller, 47-inch. But the big difference is the weight capacity, where Graco end up losing a bit, with 70lbs against Baby Jogger’s 75lbs.Its easy to use and has adjustable seat.

Like many Graco strollers, the Relay is designed to work well with other products of the brand, like their car seats. It is not included with the jogging stroller but you can purchase separately a car seat, specially if you want to run with a baby as car seats put the kid facing you and offer a better protection against anything that can hit frontwards the stroller. The brand has their travel system version with a Relay car seat designed specially for this stroller, but other car seat models developed by the brand are likewise compatible – not all them though.Any parent will just love how easy is to use this stroller and how adjustable it is.

The wheels here are another scenario where Graco is winning. The rear wheels are a bit larger, an 18-inch diameter, though the front wheel is the same 12-inch. This makes the rear wheels a bit more enduring, as they have more surface to cover and less pressure forces.On the other hand, the swivel system here is not as convenient as the Baby Jogger since you have to switch from stroller to jogger directly on the front wheel, some people may find it too much handling – well, you can see this as an opportunity to squat and exercise your buttocks, there is a silver lining here.

The canopy of the Relay also offer a wide 180º unfolding and the side vents, however, in this case here you can’t cover the windows, they are always opened. Including also the 5-point harness, a hand bar for the baby, cup holder and a storage basket, Gracp released this jogging stroller on 5 different colors. Relay is another top seller that is worth the investment.

Chicco Activ3 Jogging Stroller – Best Cheap Running Stroller

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Chicco makes a lot of affordable strollers of all kinds. For this model though they made a more fancy work and provided a jogging stroller with a sturdy build. It is one of the heaviest of our list, reaching the 30 pounds rate and enduring up to 50lbs, which is not much compared to our previous designs, but still enough for big kids, so you won’t have to stick only to young babies or toddlers to make you company when running around.

The set of wheels here is comprised of all wheels measuring the same 12-inch diameter, even though it includes a sturdy suspension system to make the ride quite smooth, different from many models of our list this is the model that endures the harshest terrains. Another interesting feature of the wheels is the 100% rubber construct.

They are massive rubber wheels, not pneumatic tires, so you don’t need to fill them and they last for longer.One of the great surprises of this model is the canopy system, as Chicco not usually provides large covers. This time the canopy folds up to 180º and includes a peek-a-book window and is water repellent.

Another great surprise of this model is the hand controllers, something that only Baby Jogger offers from our top 3 fancy sets, but Chicco enables you not only to switch from jogger to stroller as well as you can hit the breaks with your hands, no feet required for that.This is really great as while you are running, your feet obviously are busy. In case of a unpleasant surprise shows up on your path, you have don’t have to think too much or coordinate your feet to hit the break, you will instinctively do it with your hands already holding the handle bar.

Talking about hand bar, there is an already attached hand bar for the baby, making it safer for young toddlers, as well as the 5-point harness belt completes this set for all kids.

Baby Trend Expedition LX Jogger – Best Budget Running Stroller

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This is another top stroller of our list, with a profile a little bit more demure as well as with a more affordable price. The Expedition LX is a jogging stroller for budget scenarios but a quite nice output. The set of wheels here are pneumatic and resemble bike tires. Wether the brand decided to make a more compact model or a hot-weather oriented stroll is not certain, but the Expedition LX has a lot of opening, working really great to jog with your kid during the summer.

The back of the seat is opened to provide free wind flow and the canopy has a visor to give taller kids more visibility. It is evident this set is also oriented for big toddlers or infants with a short canopy and a quite tall build: it is 47-inch tall, tied to the Baby Jogger model as the tallest of our list. On the other hand its weight capacity is lower, up to 50lbs, and it is among one of the heaviest strollers of our list, up to 30 lbs.

The front wheel also has the swivel lock to switch from jogger to stroller, but once again you have to work on your squat exercises as you will have to go down there to adjust it.For last, this set has two cool trays to make your life easier when jogging, as well as of your kid. Both trays have cup holders spots, so you both can get hydrated during the course, once again making this model really ideal for the summer.

At the bottom of the stroller, you have a storage basket, a quite large one actually where you can keep your things stored safely as it is not a loose web only, it has a sturdy bottom and enclosure. This stroller is also compatible with Baby Trend’s car seats that can be purchased separately.

InStep Grand Safari – Easy to Use Stroller

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Our last model is another budget jogging stroller that is also a high rated top seller. The Grand Safari stroller also seems to be designed for summer occasions as it is quite opened up, with light fabrics and with a shorter canopy. On the other hand, this is by far the heaviest jogging stroll of our list, almost 38lbs, but the construct on stainless steel with a grid protecting the canopy and an exclusive audio speaker built-in justify the extra weight.

The set of wheels here is another of pneumatic tires, even though the rear wheels are strong 16-inch wide tires, which adds more to weight. The front wheel has the swivel mechanism that includes a remote lockout feature, once again a compact model offers more maneuverability when it comes to switching the mobile function of the stroller. The spring suspension system here resembles the Chicco’s Activ3, it is quite sturdy and offers the best results and its easy to use and adjustable on rough terrains.

The weight capacity of this jogging stroller is up to 50lbs and it is also compatible with car seats developed by the brand. On the other hand, it is not that much tall, 32 inches, so toddlers are more like to be a good company here than 5 to 6 years old kids who will not fit easily.

The canopy, despite the sturdy and protective metallic grid under it, is not that large but covers up to 130º and has a peek-a-boo window. Built-in the canopy is also the audio speaker. It has a USB cable you can connect to most MP3 players, so while you are strolling you can still listen to some music with your kid.

For last, you have a cup holder tray for you and for your baby. The latter is a pivoting tray to help your toddler to reach and handle better any bottles and cups you hand your kid in the tray. There is also included a large storage basket at the bottom of the stroll.

Quick Purchase Guide: What are Jogging Strollers ?

The name couldn’t be more suggestive and we are going beyond the obvious here as, while the name of the category is self explanatory, the definition of what is a running stroller is another story that is quite relevant to know here. First of all, you may ask anyone who got a jogging stroller about a four-wheeled set, and they will be surprised, or astonished, but if you will see many models around with the jogging stroller description attached to it even though they are just simple strollers.

This kind of stroller has sturdy wheels set, in general they are actually tires, even though we still call them wheels, but they work just like tires, and three is the magic number here, because you want to jog, run, and riding a supermarket cart is really not something that will speed you up as swivels can become a burden.

Jogging strollers have swivels like any baby stroller, but all them are designed with only one front wheel swivel to make it very convenient and easy to ride the stroll. Basically, these are the features that make a jogging baby stroll. If a model doesn’t have any of them, is not a jogging stroller.

What are the benefits of a running stroller ?

These strollers are not a trend in the last 20 years in vain. Jogging strollers are a great way for parents to start getting back to normal life after pregnancy. You will be sedentary and stressed for many months until your baby starts to get more independent, and is when you can start wandering around with no need to let your baby behind. Many mothers love jogging strollers as they can lose the extra pounds they got during pregnancy while they are still caring for their babies. Jog around with the help of your baby that will work as a gym weight for you to push and, as they grow up, the challenge just get tougher, and you in better shape. Daddies are as well welcome to take their turn, specially single daddies, as the whole burden, stress and sedentary months raising your baby pull you down just like it do with mommies.

But the benefits of jogging stroller is beyond fitness, health and bond with your baby. Is also about money, honey. These models are quite versatile, and they can be used for babies from 6 months and above until 5 to 6 years old kids depending on the weight capacity and height. This is a lot of time sticking with only one stroller, and these models are really design to endure a long while, they are not cheap, but an investment that can be expensive and last for years.

What to look for on the best jogging strollers?

While they are study and robust, the secrets to get the best jogging stroller is not much different from all the criteria you must use to buy any baby stroller. You can check a general list of items you must not miss I compiled for my review of the best overall baby strollers , it includes caring for large canopies, good set of wheels, weight capacity, among others. Here I will list what is particular to the jogging stroller design, which is quite straight forward:

Pneumatic or Rubber Tires: You will often see either one or another kind of wheels, that are actually always tires as jogging strollers have these unique sturdy sets that must endure running rides. Is really complicated to decide whether pneumatic or rubber tires are better, because both are great, but they are not ideal for all scenarios. So here is the thing:

  • Pneumatic tires: you must stick to this option if you want to jog on all possible terrains. Like bike tires, they are the best to adapt to rough terrains and will work much better with the suspension system to ensure a smooth ride for your baby. The cons of this kind of tires is the fact they require more maintenance and they can go flat if you are up to wilder adventures on fields where the tires can be damaged. Just like a bike tire, you will have to fill it or replace damaged tires.
  • Rubber tires: they are massive, only made of rubber and you don’t have to worry about any kind of sharp object on the field as they will not go flat ever. Rubber tires are also incredibly long lasting, you will rarely have to replace them, on the other hand, they don’t offer the same kind of smooth consistency for speed jogs, your baby will not be that much comfortable if you boost up your ride and run too fast, they are ideal for very smooth terrains and still they can feel heavier. You can take a look on mother’s assertive opinions on the matter at this interesting reading on the Baby Center’s forum post .

Swivel system: as you have seen on the reviews above, whenever you can get the convenience of remote swivel systems, the better, but is imperative that jogging strollers have this option to switch from jogging to strolling. If you find a sturdy model that has a swivel not adjustable, it only works for strolling, it will be very hard to control the mobile while you are jogging if the swivel is not locked.

Overall weight: Here is up to you to decide if you want something more challenging to push or not. I believe that jogging strollers just benefit of more weight as you will improve your exercising, but sometimes it may be too much to handle when storing pr moving it around so consider the best scenario for your needs.


Jogging strollers are boosted baby strollers, most of their secret relies on the wheels and swivel systems. They are often expensive models but, as we said, they will last for a long while with you. If you are looking for something much more compact, accessible and occasional, you can also take a look on my guide for lightweight strollers, where you will find many light, convenient and affordable models for a regular strolling with your baby.

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