Best King Size Bed 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

The dream of a generous comfortable bed is not that easy when you are not alone! For couples, its important to have a wide bed so nobody feels repressed to stretch good during the night so we brought to you a list of the best King size beds available in the market for 2017.

The process here is not that complicated at all, but much more a matter of matching a design of platform bed that suits your needs and match your current mattress, so we also compiled examples of the best mattresses to get along with your bed with a detailed profile on their sizes and features, specially in case you are also considering purchase a new mattress as well.

After checking our reviews, you can also take a look on a quick guide on how to purchase the best king size bed, what the best model must feature as well as tips to where you can get them and some other details to help you understand the wonders of these comfy wide friends of the night.

Best King Size Beds with Reviews for 2017

Greatime B1136-2 California King Size

This model of king size bed developed by Greatime has a luxury and edgy design, creating a substantial visual impact in your bedroom with its curvy lines and sombre, chic black leather finish. The bed frame of the Greatime comprises 30 pieces of Euro curved slats, so there is not need at all of a spring box to support the mattress.

The leather here by the way is a high quality faux leather cover and you can still get it on different colours, either white or brown alongside the default black color.

The default size for this model is the king size bed, but you can alternatively find it as California King and Queen as well. The products arrives boxed and is required the assembling.

Best Mattress to Go Along : 

Signature Sleep Memoir Memory Foam Mattress
Signature Sleep is reference when it comes to high quality mattresses, and even more when we are talking about memory foam ones. The Greatime King Size bed works ideally with a memory foam model like the Memoir. Signature Sleep actually has this mattress also on Twin, Full and Queen sizes alongside the King. The layers of the mattress here comprise two different memory foam sections, a top layer, 3.5 inches of memory foam, followed by a 8.5 inches layer of high density foam. This in case you opt for the 12 inches version of the mattress, while you can still get it on a 10, 8 or 6 inches, but for king size beds, the ideal is the 12, otherwise the mattress will feel too thin.

Zinus Upholstered Button Tufted Premium Platform Bed

This Zinus King size bed is a more sober approach to platform beds that fit a bedroom decor set with less personality and more harmony. The modernist style of this Zinus includes a soft button tufted dark grey upholstery for the headboard,  with a clean rectangular design.

The upholstery also follows around the rest of the bed platform, giving it a soft touch all the way around it. The base for the mattress and the bed frame have the design of a spring box, even though there is a classic free spot under the bed. Zinus released this King size bed model in Twin, Full, Queen, and King sizes.

Best Mattress to Go Along :

Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress
Surely you can rely as well on a Zinus mattress. For a sturdy king size bed the ideal is a Zinus memory foam. The frame of king size beds like the upholstered Zinus is strong enough to support heavy and highly comfortable mattresses like this one. The memory foam for this one is also a differential. It is made with a infusion of green tea extract and castor natural seed oil. These elements avoid the proliferation of bacteria and other micro-organisms, expanding the life span of the memory foam. The mattress is comprised of 3 inches of memory foam, 2 inches of comfort foam, more 3.5 inches of an Airflow high-density foam and a base 3.5 inches Airflow high-density support foam layer. You can as well find this mattress in several other sizes besides the King size and in other thickness options (10 to 8 and 6 inches).

Prepac Black King Mate’s Platform Storage Bed

An alternative king size bed solution for those who want to make wise use of the space underneath the bed is this Prepac platform storage bed. As the name suggest, it is a storage container with a bed. The version of the spring box here is actually hollow and very well used with a set of six drawers. They have very discreet, undersided finger pulls to keep the finish design of the bed smooth as well as to avoid any kind of bothering bumps into inconvenient ledges.

The only let down of this bed, but not really, is the fact is is part of the Prepac Sonoma furniture set. You will see there is a headboard companion piece comprised of several shells and a built-in trunk, as well as nightstands. Surely, you purchase only the bed as it is not mandatory to purchase the whole set.

Best Mattress to Go Along :

Olee Sleep Box Top Hybrid Gel Infused Memory Foam
This Olee Sleep is a strong option for a king size bed of any kind, and will work great for sure with the Prepac bed. It is another option of memory foam mattress, but this one has a much more substantial set of layers: a 7.5 inches layer with heat treated coil to enhance the firmness lifespan of the mattress. Below it, there is an 1 inch Eco Friendly Gel Cool layer – the best material to avoid the overheating that memory foam can provide on hot seasons – an 1.5 inch low density memory foam, a 2 inches High density to sustain the memory foam layers. This gel memory foam mattress is only available as a 13 inches thick version and either on King or Full size options.

Baxton Studio B-62 Favela Linen Modern Bed

Our last suggestion of a king size bed is this Baxton sophisticated design. The B-62 is another upholstered model just like the Zinus king size bed, but different from that platform bed, the headboard of this one features a more minimal approach of lines and details, even though it is also a button tufted finish for the upholstery.

The borders of the bed also have the fabric cover, which is made on polyurethane, a synthetic material that requires no maintenance and caring like leather, and still provides a soft touch. The only let down of this model is the fact the bed frame works just like a box spring and offers almost no free storage space under the bed. You can get this bed either on grey or light beige.

Best Mattress to Go Along :

Classic Brands Cool Gel Ultimate Gel Memory Foam
One more memory foam mattress for the go here, this Classic Brands is also another option of the outstanding gel memory foam. The mattress combines the best of the pressure-relieving low density standard memory foam with the high-density aerated cool gel memory foam. The borders of the mattress also have a special caring finish, with a tailored and detailed stretch knit fabric cover, featuring a waterfall edge and matching knit side panels. Alongside the standard King size, you can also find this mattress on several other sizes but it is manufactured only as a 14-inches thick mattress.

What is a King Size Bed ?

King size beds are the standard big bed that most of us has seen parents using throughout our childhood. As the real estate started to shrink the size of properties, furniture in general started to shrink as well, and then came the queen size beds as well as full, a slightly larger version of the twin size that is usual for kids and teenagers. On the other hand, the California King size is a generously wide standard that was still a thing in the market for wealthy people or all those lucky enough to have large bedrooms.

King size bed though are still the preference for couples that have grown tired of Queen sized structures or need more room when children start to count on the equation of needed space on bed, for those sneaky arrivals in the middle of the night. The official king size bed dimensions are 183 cm by 203 cm or 72 inches by 80 inches (height is not a determinant constant) and will vary from bed to bed.

What the best King Size Bed must have?

Since these beds are larger, they are supposed to endure heavier loads of weight, so is ideal that the bed frame of the king size bed is made of a generous amount of slats or has a spring box, because the usual mattress for this kind of bed is also heavy as we have seen, comprising several layers.

On the other hand, spring boxes are a matter of how much space you need under the bed, if you have any interest. When that free slot storage is desired, you will see there are enough options in the market and they may make the bed somehow a bit too much taller for some people, otherwise you can opt for the narrow designs and let go of the free storage.

This is very personal so is up to your needs.

But most importantly is the fact the bed platform is sturdy enough and of course, fit to your taste.

What is the best place to buy a king size bed?

While bed platforms are always nice to be found live and be seen with your own eyes and tried with your own body, you can easily rely on the convenience of online shopping for this too. Amazon for example has a huge market on beds, bed frames, mattresses and all you would need, so, for example, it is the best place to purchase a whole furniture kit like the one from the Prepac Sonoma bed as the official manufacturer sells their products through that online platform.

You will easily as well find detailed reviews from customers and check the rate of these products and what you should be aware on pros and cons about them. The customers community on Amazon is highly reliable specially because there are thousands of reviews and detailed experience reports.

Summing Up

King size beds are only behind the luxury, generous profile of California king, but they are big enough to have many different options in the market when it comes to design. Just stick to the plan to find sturdy, resistant beds and also optionally the ones that have an easier assemble method or at least include the option to be assembled by a professional of reference from the manufacturer.

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