Best Lightweight Strollers 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

With all kinds of baby strollers available in the market making a list of best lightweight strollers for 2017 is somehow tricky as sometimes all you need is something that doesn’t offer you more hard work, as you already have to take care of your kid, and that is enough tiring.

Lightweight strollers are a great option to push around your babies with few efforts, as well as they are really great for toddlers who are not anymore that light cloud angel on your arms. The design of these baby strollers is more compact, with less fabrics, attachments and all that army of features that a parent with a newborn often needs. But just because they are compact doesn’t mean they are inferior in quality, they can be really great.

I reviewed not only some of the most popular best sellers models, but also selected those that really live to their fame rather to their accessible price. And if you are not schooled on this universe of baby strollers, take a look on my quick purchase guide at the end of the list to check some great tips on all you need to know about lightweight strollers.

Best Lightweight Strollers 2017

RECARO Easylife Ultra-Lightweight Stroller – Best Stroller Overall

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A quite resilient and strong baby stroller with a quite light build is not something you see that often in the market. The RECARO Easylife is a great best seller among lightweight strollers as it has a great capacity for up to 50 pounds and weighs only 13 pounds, a very light and easy to maneuver and handle stroller. This brand has many different solutions for strollers and travel systems, but this model is only a lightweight stroller compatible with their car seat designs, so if you are thinking on a bonus for your stroller, you can be sure you have the option to purchase it separately.

As most compact baby strollers, the Easylife is one-hand folded and has a lock system on the wheels to keep it steady standing still by itself. The ease to fold it is also great to make it quick when finishing your ride and packing the baby stroller inside the trunk of your car.

One the great features of this lightweight stroller though is its excellent canopy system. It is really a gem, very clever and protective. You can unfold it up to 180º over the baby, so you will keep face, arms and legs all protected from the strongest perpendicular sunrays so its great and easy to use in summer time.

Also, the mesh of the canopy has a UV sunblock protection up to 50 levels, as well as it is water repellent. You can also take a look at your baby through the peek-a-book little window that is strategically placed on the back of the canopy, so you can even let it open to ventilate your baby and still protect the child from the sun.

The seat has a 5-point harness belt with padded straps, so your baby will be kept safe and comfortable on the chair. For last, the wheels system is a four-wheeled set, with doubled-wheeled rear sets and the front swivel wheels lockable.You can get this lightweight stroller on three different colors, from black, to granite and red.

Inglesina USA Zippy – Best Budget Light Stroller

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This Inglesina lightweight stroller is another great gem, on the other hand it has a salty price for some budgets, even though it is a quality investment to last for years with you, specially because its weight capacity is up to 55lbs, this is up to a 4 to 5 years old healthy kid! This versatility for weight is enable but a quite light build of only 15lbs.

Inglesina not only provides sturdy and high quality strollers, but they also have some discreet, elegant designs and offer a good variety of colors. This model is available on 5 different colors, from blue to beige, black, red and red.

Once again, this is a great model due to its reclinable capacities. The seat can recline to 3 different positions, and the canopy follows appropriately. This is another model that offers an excellent canopy covering and the mesh has also a sunblock filter up to a 50 rate. As most models, the chair has a 5-point harness with padded straps to do not irritate your baby’s skin or cause any kind of accidental injury.

The wheel system is also four-wheeled. You get the rear wheels doubled and the front set has a swivel bar on each wheel for directions.

For last, the folding system of this lightweight stroller is a bit more complex, is not a one step only folding, but three steps. You pull the folding strap until it gets folded, tight the closing until the system clicks, keeping it firmly folded, and for last, you recline the stroller to its final vertical position over the bottom of the chair stand designed specially to work as the prop of the stroller. You get it as steady as possible!

Once again, this brand also develops car seats that are compatible with the stroller and you can purchase them separately.

Bumbleride Flite – High Quality Lightweight Stroller

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This is another sturdy and high priced investment you can do for a high quality lightweight stroller. The Bumbleride Flite weighs only 13lbs, a straight counterpart to the RECARO model, as well as it can endure up to 50lbs. The difference of prices are not that high, but in my opinion this model has some advantages that can make it a better option for some people.

Let’s start by the fact that, among most baby strollers overall, this is the only model I’ve seen made with breathable fabrics on the interior side of the chair.

The Flite padded inside is made on charcoal fiber, which is really great to release moisture, so you will not hold up your baby to find out your poor little things is soaked on its own sweat. This is also quite useful to simply provide a easier to manage stroll, as you will not have to clean it so soon when it doesn’t retain moist.

The external side however is made on a fabric with recycled plastic (PET), working as a waterproof barrier. This is also used in the canopy cover, even though this one has a slighter small rate of protection: 45 UV.

Another difference from the RECARO model is the wheels set. While the Flite is also four-wheeled, all its wheels are doubled, which makes it considerably more steady as there are more surface of coverage. I can’t say for sure if this is true but many people claim that a wider number of wheels makes the lifespan of the set higher as there is less weight over them with a smooth distribution of the pressure.

The chair also features a padded 5-point harness belt set and you enjoy other features like a large storage basket and backrest and footrest stands.

ZOE XL1 – Best Umbrella Lightweight Stroller System

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I reviewed this Zoe model also among the overall best baby strollers in the market because it quality really stands beyond categories. In case you don’t want to go through that guide, I’ll offer here the review of this umbrella lightweight stroller that is the overall champion when it comes to lightweight: XL1 is one of the lightest strollers in the market, if not the lightest: 9 lbs, with a capacity for up to 50lb. At least, among the best sellers and high quality products, it surely is the lighter one.

And different from our previous models, the XL1 umbrella stroller is a great alternative between a smaller budget and quality still ensured, as it is above all a travel system, including the seat car in the pack.

The secret of the lightweight build of the XL1 is the materials used for the metal grid of the stroll, with a resistant but light aluminum alloy. The inside of the chair is less padded and makes use mostly of synthetic fibers.

When it comes to wheels, it has the frontal wheels set doubled, while the rear wheels are single. And to store it when you are finished, this is another one-hand folded system with a carrying strap.
The set still includes other features like cup holders for you and for the baby, a large storage basket and an extra storage pocket.

The canopy also offers a 180º reclining system and for last, the set includes an optional, padded front belly bar that you can either assemble or detach from the chair.

You will not strictly need it as the the chair includes the 5-point harness belt. ZOE released this lightweight stroll on seven different colors and also a twins version, but you will find it by the name XL2. Apart from the double seat, and the weight, that jumps to 16lbs – still quite light for a double set – everything else is the same as the XL1.

Graco Breaze 2014 Click Connect Stroller

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From all our lightweight strollers, this Graco stroller is the heaviest, though is still a lightweight: it weighs 18lbs, which may be already heavy for some, but is far from what is considered a sturdy build, beyond the 21lbs. Graco has great baby strollers designs, but most of its secret relies on sturdy and protective materials. This model is not either a very affordable one, but the price here and weight speaks for its focus on safety and comfort.

The interior of the chair is all padded, including the 5-point harness belt straps. The canopy, even though a bit shorter than usual Graco canopies, folds up to 180º. Its less large reach favors a taller chair, so toddlers can make use of it, specially because this model is another lightweight stroller that endures up to 50lbs. The canopy here also features a UV 50 sunblock system and also includes a peek-a-boo little window.

The four-wheeled set has the doubled-wheeled design placed for the rear wheels, making it easier to navigate the stroll with single wheeled front sets and granting more stability for the part of the stroller where there is more weight working over the chair. I’ll talk a bit more about the differences on this dynamic of double wheels on rear or front later at the end of this guide, but the effects are not really a water shed.

While this is just a lightweight stroller, it is compatible with many of the Graco’s car seat systems if you want to purchase one separately, but bear in mind that it adds to the total weight capacity – I’ll also talk about it after the reviews, so catch up for the purchase guide to know more.

Important to note, this is Graco Breaze 2014 model. The 2015 version has a sturdier, heavier design and is not exactly under my lightweight standards. Also, the 2014 model is available on a specific and exclusive set of colors, including the cute burgundy-red Azalea.

Chicco Liteway Plus – Top Selling Stroller

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The Liteway stroller developed by Chicco is one of the top sellers in the market, and while it is very popular, this design is more oriented for grown up babies and toddlers as it is the most aerated model of our list. Its canopy goes only to a 90º range, which is not ideal for young babies as it provides only protection against perpendicular sunrays for the face and arms.

Is a lightweight stroller that fits better warm weather and strolls during low sun periods of the day – as you can guess, the latino name of the brand suggests its oriented construct for tropical, hot seasons. Many strollers can become a bit of a bother for the kid when the weather is too hot, so you get a good deal of an opened and free-flow lightweight stroller here.

Liteways weighs only 15lbs and has a capacity for up to 50lbs, the healthy weight of a 4 to 5-year old kid, and you can tell by the shorter canopy that this design allows taller, big kids to ride on it, so is a good options for your grown up toddler. The chair still includes a safe 5-point harness belt.

The wheel system of this lightweight stroller is another four-wheeled design, with doubled-wheel sets for the rear and single ones for the front. For last, Chicco develops many car seat models that are compatible with this stroller and you can purchase them separately. You will find the Liteway available on six different colors!

Kolcraft Cloud Plus – Best Travel Lightweight Stroller

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The last lightweight stroller of our list is the most affordable high quality model of this category you can get, and it is also among of the lightest designs in the market, only 12lbs, it is the second lightest stroller of this list and its great to use while traveling in summer time. Cloud Plus, as the name suggest, is really made to be light and soft, is another stroller oriented for hot weather as its fabrics are quite light and aerated.

On the other hand, different from the Chicco model, this strollers gives you the option to unfold the canopy beyond a 90º, it actually goes full distance, ideal both for young babies and toddlers as the weight capacity also goes up to 50lbs.

Different from most models, the Cloud Plus includes an arms bar already assembled, including a cup and tray holders for the kid to have meals wherever you decide to take a stop by.It is not essential for the safety of the kid since the chair includes a 5-point harness belt. For the parent there is also a cup holder tray assembled with the handle of the stroller.

This model is another 4-wheeled system, with the double-wheeled set designed on the front wheels. The folding system here is also very simple so its easy for storage.The stroll won’t get as much compacted as other models, as it makes use of the wheels stick together to make it a rest mechanism allowing the stroll to stand up still by itself. The wheels lock system is designed for the rear wheels.

For last, this lightweight stroll includes a foot rest for toddlers, as well as it is an aid for the baby to leave the stroll. Kolcraft developed this model on three different colors, from red to gray and black.

Purchase Guide: What is Considered a Lightweight Baby Stroller ?

As I was reviewing the Graco model of this list, I mentioned that what is lightweight for some people is really not others. If you take a look on many baby stroller selling descriptions around the market, you will see many retailers just saying bullocks about this feature, sometimes it is just a word to sell more, but while there are standards for some people that are not valid for others, some middle ground must be taken into account to define what is heavy or not here, and I take by measure women’s strength.

I consider 21lbs the event horizon of what is heavy for most women to push. We often have to care more for the baby for obvious bond reasons, and the less extra work the better. The margin between 17 and 19lbs is the twilight zone for me when it comes to lightweight, and everything below it is acceptable in this category.

For this standard you also have to consider the fact your baby will be there performing an extra weight, so I consider the total weight to be pushed as well as the default weight when it comes to transport. Lightweight models must work at least on the 18lbs margin, which is a number acceptable for all this tasks with few efforts.

What are the benefits of a lightweight stroller ?

While this can seems obvious, there is more to lightweight strollers than just a light chair to be pushed around. There are some features of this kind of design that are really great for specific scenarios:

Price Range: When you have less materials the products surely gets more affordable, and this is no different with lightweight baby strollers. This kind of stroller is great for toddlers. They don’t need a huge need of protection as newborns and babies in general because they are simply older. Most sturdy and expensive baby strollers have very careful and thick padded layers for the interior of the chair to ensure safety against any kind of incidents. Lightweight strollers don’t overboard on that department and this makes them up to 60% cheaper.

Ventilation: If you have read all the reviews you saw that some models are very lightweight with thin fabrics, making the baby stroller ideal for hot weather. In fact most lightweight strollers are better aerated and less insulant than regular sturdy models. Less layers of fabrics, more breathing for the skin, less heat retention. Is no surprise you will see during the summer parents strolling around on lightweight, opened and aerated baby strollers, because sitting on a wheeled chair for too long under a warm weather can be uncomfortable for the little ones when there is way too much insulant materials, like foam pads.

Mobility: it is not about carrying around or pushing, but about speed. When you have a lighter mobile it will be moved faster. Pushing lightweight strollers will be easier and faster, so you can take strolls at a cheerer pace rather than a tedious procession.

What to Look for on the Best Lightweight Strollers?

Weight capacity: Run away from lightweight models that can’t offer a good rate of weight capacity. As you have seen in this list, all models endure at least 50lbs, this is enough for big toddlers, up to 4 or 5 years old. There are many models in the market that have short weight capacity, designed more oriented for small toddlers and babies. The problem about this kind of stroller is the fact they will get obsolete very fast as your kid grows very fast. Most of these lightweight baby strollers are designed only to work as strollers, but some products are compatible with car seats developed by the same manufacturer. You also have to consider the weight of an extra like that before you purchase the additional item as sometimes it can’t cope with the weight of grown up toddlers.

Wheels system: As these sets are lightweight, you will not need powerful wheels to endure a heavy load, but you won’t either want to work with a short support. Most of these models are four-wheeled because most of the weight is supported by the base of the set. Some designs place double-wheeled sets for each of the four wheels, others just place this standard either on rear wheels or front wheels. There is very few difference on benefits from one design to other, as single wheels on the front sets are better to ride the stroller on rough terrains – double wheels can get stuck more easily on rocks or other irregularities of the surface. On the other hand, the doubled design at the front makes it safer against collisions as the two wheels will work as a better barrier. The only problem is that all these scenarios are quite unlike when you are a parent and strolling with your kid, so is a matter of choosing the worst implausible scenario that you would not like to face but would not like to be protected from.

Canopy: Is always good to have the best covering canopy, but many lightweight strollers don’t offer a large cover. I reviewed the models that have the best options, as you have seen some are just great, fold up to 180º. However, the ones that fall short on dimensions are a plus for tall toddlers. A canopy that folds in full is really a suffocating chamber for a 4 year old, so you either have some sun cover for the face or a suffocating cocoon around their heads, that’s why many models don’t make efforts to offer large coverings, specially as this makes them even less heavy. So is up to your use of the stroll, if you are intending to purchase it for your young baby or an already grown up toddler. The last case don’t really need so much cover as your kid can already start using sunblock lotions. You should take a look on this The Independent’s article about sunblocks for kids to get a better idea on how this kind of toiletries work for young kids.


Even though this kind of stroller is more occasional and designed for toddlers that don’t require something so safe, lightweight stroller still make great travel chairs for your kid and surely there are bad apples in the market, so don’t run for cheap models thinking they are little thing as they are already designed to be as compact as possible, lowering your standards can make you waste your money with faulty or weak products.

On the other hand if you are just doing your field research to know the best kind of baby stroller for your kid, take a look on my list with the best overall baby strollers in the market and, for last, the most sturdy and dynamic strollers, the jogging strollers, where you take part on the fun of strolling with your baby.

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