Best Twin Mattress for Kids 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

Kids stuff can – and often are – quite expensive, so while you may have seen many parents who indulge their kids with double sized beds, that is not really a comfort that they essentially require.

Children can perfectly make use of a twin mattresses and these are a great deal for your pocket, not affecting their comfort and as a plus, helping to make room for their stuff in their bedrooms. Take a look on some of the best twin mattresses for kids and how to get one of them.

Best Twin Mattresses for Kids in 2017

If you dont need twin but rather regular kids mattress you can check out these top 3 that have great reviews and are top selling ones on Amazon:

  1. Perfect Cloud 12 Inch Visco Gel-Pro Double
  2. Leesa Mattress
  3. Arctic Dreams 10″

Signature Sleep Contour 8 Twin Mattress

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Signature Sleep is a quite renowned brand of mattresses, including their memory foam and spring lines. The Contour 8 though comprises their encased coil lines which work like a middle ground between spring and foam. The ‘springs’ here are actually coils, and they are encased separately with high density foam, so the impact works with much more precision as the weight over one specific area of the mattress will not impact the rest of the mattress, that means you will not be bouncing over the bed as you move around while sleeping. The coils are 7 inches tall, which is enough to give the right comfort for the average body weight of kids.

For parents who are concerned about adventurous kids, the encased coil will not provide them a trampoline and possible accidents as the coils don’t work at all like springs. They don’t push your body back, so you get even more comfortable as the tension provided by the mattress will not fight against your muscles, different from what happens with spring mattresses. For mattresses of bigger sizes, the coils are excellent for couples as the activity of one person doesn’t affect the comfort of the other

While the Contour 8 works with the encased coil system as its core, both the top and bottom of the mattress are made with separate foam layers, each one 1.5 inches  thick. This works not much different from the system of spring mattresses where you have likewise at least a top layer made of foam. Its measures are respectively, 8 inches tall, 37 inches wide and 74 inches long.

Another pro of this kind of mattress that inherits qualities from memory foam is the fact it does NOT include many of the chemicals that are important to make memory foam work, like flame retardants (PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP (“Tris”) nor any other heavy metals. You won’t get any weird smell from it specially because the VOC emissions are inferior to 0.5 PPM. It is a CertiPUR-US certified mattress. Important to note though, it doesn’t come with a box specially as it is designed for kids so you can match it with fun and creative boxes for children beds that abound in the market – and perhaps already set the decor of your kid’s room, so you don’t have to let go of it or have an extra box to pay for – and ditch.

DreamFoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams Twin Crazy Quilt

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For a much lower budget and still reliable quality, you can get the Ultimate Dreams Crazy Quilt . This mattress developed by DreamFoam Bedding is a twin sized mattress that, likewise, does not come with a box included and is designed to fit most beds and boxes setups. Its width measures are a little bit larger than the Signature Sleep model (38 inches) but it is also a bit thinner (7 inches).

Since it is a much more affordable mattress, it doesn’t come with a much fancy comfort system either. The Ultimate Dreams is made on regular mattress foam and has an egg crate structure, for what at least 1 third of it comprises the egg crate peaks itself. As you can imagine, this mattress offer orthopedic support and is great for lite kids but is not really the best choice for adults and overweight people as it may become uncomfortable with time.

Alongside the egg crate system, this mattress also has a trizone design, meaning that you have different densities for the foam according to the zone of the mattress: middle is higher since the body deliver more pressure on that, while top is a middle ground and the bottom is softer. The whole mattress is 6.25 inches thick, not including the quilting layer which is 0.75 inches thick.

The foam used here is also CertiPUR-US certified, including no harmful heavy metals or other chemicals.

Milliard Tri-Fold Foam Folding Mattress

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Our last suggestion is this flexible, fun twin mattress that is available as a Twin XL size – meaning it is extra long, 78 inches long, 4 inches longer than other models, even though it is much thinner, 4.5 inches and a half only, and has the same 38 inches width. This extra length allows the mattress to be flexibly designed from a bed to a comfortable sofa. You can fold its 4 different frames and get a cozy, cute sofa that can fit two kids comfortably.

The mattress foam here is a regular high density foam, but since this mattress is quite thin it won’t work very well if you are not a kid or at least lightweight. One of the uses of this mattress is also for camping considering is portability and how it fold to a sofa, but since it has a quite low cost and still provides great quality, is one of best twin mattresses for kids option you can get in the market.

The mattress comes vacuum packed in a quite resistant and easily portable case. If you count with a pump vacuum you will be set to pack it back and transport it easily whenever you need.

What is the difference between twin memory mattresses and other types of mattresses ?

The twin size is designed by default as the smallest size of mattresses, it can also be called single mattress, meaning exactly that, for the use of a single person, but in some countries the single size may be a variation slightly smaller than twin. By default, a twin must be 39 inches wide and 75 inches long. Some models will enhance or reduce those measures a little bit according to the standard patterns of height and width of a specific population. For example, in countries were men have a specific height as the standard, the mattresses will be designed to fit that middle ground, making it quite complicated, for example, for tall men to find a good mattress in countries where that standard is actually an average.

That is not that different though for anyone who is out of the standards – as basketball players in America surely may have a hard time to find a ready to use mattress or bed.Twin sizes though can easily have a lot of room for kids and teens since they are not designed after them, but serve them very well considering they are not either too wide and don’t need that much the width of the mattress to be too generous.

 What are the benefits of a twin mattress for toddler ?

Twin mattresses are always cheaper than other sizes because of obvious size reasons, that considering though the difference of prices between models of a same brand. This is a double advantage since you can spend less money on this item for your kids and it will last for many many years. The best twin mattresses for kids can last up to the time the adolescence. At that time, when they are not fitting anymore in the bed is already time to move to college or simply, move out, so the expense of a “grown up mattress” is on them. That may sound quite miser, but if you are one of those parents that will spend a lot of money on your kids education during 20 years, a mattress is one less item to worry about on your list.

But let’s get back to your kid and forget the late years. Twin mattresses are rarely sold with boxes and that’s not a problem. There are many cute, fun and cool bed designs in the market with children motifs. Mattresses are by far the most expensive part of a bed, so if everytime you think is time to change the decor set and you also get rid of the mattress, the bill will get high. The twin mattresses can stick with your children for many years while they grow and change their mindset, taste and interests and you don’t have to pay in double plus for that if you get a twin mattress.

For last, kids’ rooms are not ever minimalist spaces, they require room for toys, games and all that kind of kid stuff. The more space you can have the better, and if you don’t have a sumptuous room to offer your children, twin mattresses will be a great help to create free spaces.

 What is the ideal twin mattress for kids? How to find the best twin mattress for toddler in the market?

The secret formula here is to know something that is resilient and endures time. So, to get started, you surely must look for brands that are renowned for creating high quality products. Kids eventually grow and put on weight because of that, so it will be natural if you have to change the mattress after 5 years plus or so, but not if you have to change it only 2 years later. Check carefully the reviews of buyers that are ensuring the mattress is lasting that long, but you also have to consider other variants: weight and age. Adults will naturally wear a mattress faster because they have a constant heavier weight than a kid – not considering those adults that even more naturally put on some weight through the years – so if a specific mattress is lasting for 5 years plus for an adult, it will last even more for a kid, that’s for sure.

Most importantly, be sure your kid don’t need any special health care as it grows. Regular mattresses may be not really of a help for kids who have postural issues or congenital conditions related to their bones’ structure so, be sure to check what they really need in first place to ensure they have a pleasant night. A good night’s sleep is really important during these years for their appropriate development.

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